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Pull out the nail polish, please

With summer months approaching quickly and the weather warming up, it is now about the time when people reach into the backs of their closets and pull out the shorts, skirts, tank tops and flip-flops that were neglected during the long fall and winter months.
Along with summer wardrobe, comes the reveal of 10 things that I don’t miss during the winter – toes.
It’s on those sunny days when these strange appendixes sneak out of their socks and find themselves buckled into adorable gladiator sandals. Unfortunately, oftentimes the toes are not as cute as the sandal.
The problem is that there are many girls who complete their summer outfits with untreated and yellowish toenails. I don’t think that’s OK.
Ordinarily I don’t have a problem with feet, they’re strange looking and in my 19 years of life I have learned to accept that and move on. But I do have a problem when girls don’t paint their toes.
Whenever I see someone with unpainted toes exposed I cringe. The look of an unpainted toe grosses me out and is something that I would prefer never to see. I just have trouble tolerating the look of the clear toenail.
I would compare my disgust of unpainted toes to seeing a 90-year-old woman naked. Her natural state is to be naked, but her exposed body is something many people would not desire to see. Ladies – just like an old lady, I don’t want to see your naked toes.
In a world where society is constantly obsessed about physical appearance, keeping your toes groomed is the last thing people worry about. Why is it that the super tan girls care so much about their skin color that they tan several times a week but walk around with disgusting unpainted toes? It just doesn’t make sense.
What is even weirder is the fact that grooming your toes is so simple, and still people don’t take the time to paint theirs. Even if you are always on the go you can paint your toes when you already have flip-flops on. All you have to do is slather on some polish and run out the door, they will dry as you walk. It isn’t hard to take care of your toes by any means.
What I am saying is that it doesn’t take a lot of thought, effort or time to paint you toes, so why wouldn’t you paint them and make them cute?
I like that my toes nails have become an additional accessory and I love to change up what color polish I use. Sometimes I will even put a little flower or design on my big toes just to keep things interesting. Why wouldn’t people want to take advantage of the blank canvas at the tips of their toes and make their lives just a little more exciting?
Personally, I am a little obsessive, and I repaint my toes when they get chipped or grown out. In fact I repainted them while I was writing this column because I was thinking about my toes so much.
Everyone has their own little pet peeves and this is mine. It falls along with how I hate the sound of my Mom slurping her coffee and how I cannot stand when people take a long time to get out of the car. I don’t have to spell it out for you but obviously unpainted toes drive me crazy.
So please instead of just looking at your all-natural toenails, do me a favor and slap some color on them.
Madeline Gregory is a freshman journalism major from Downers Grove. She is the assistant copy editor.
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