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Reuniting would feel so good

Originally published October 22, 2010

In my column series about music, we’ve delved into my favorite band, As I Lay Dying, a band I used to love, the band that continues to more than disappoint me, (Linkin Park) and my strange affinity for bad music.

There are plenty of bands that need to be reunited. Let’s start at the top. The only band I’d give my life savings to see is Led Zeppelin.

In 2007, when they reunited for Ahmet Ertegun’s tribute concert, it killed me not to be there. The only thing giving me hope was the rumor they would tour.

Well now that the reunion has been squashed, it seems I will never have the opportunity to see the band I spent my entire middle school days listening to.

Unless you’ve spent your whole life underneath a rock, you know Zep is the biggest rock band not named the Beatles. Their opus, “Zeppelin IV,” sold 23 million copies. But their most important contribution is influence.

Hands down, they are the most influential band ever. They took the Beatles sound that pissed off parents around the world and ran with it.

The innovative sounds that Jimmy Page made with guitars showed kids all over the world, it’s okay to try new things on the guitar.

The next band isn’t broken up, but one key member left and it would be really nice to have him back.
Christian metalcore outfit, Underoath lost its drummer and clean vocalist, Aaron Gillispie, to his church.

I’m not going to knock him for that but he’s easily one of my favorite musicians.

Underoath has created some of the most perfect songs I’ve ever heard such as “Writing on the Walls” and “A Boy Brushed Red, Living in Black and White.”

Underoath has a new album coming out in early November and from what I’ve listened to, it’s really solid, but sounds like it’s missing something.

The last band on this list goes along the same lines as Underoath.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are in the midst of recording their tenth album and are doing it without their guitarist who was on every album except one since “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” John Frusciante.

The one album, “One Hot Minute,” they recorded without Frusciante has some good tunes,but doesn’t pack the same punch that any of their other recent albums do.

RHCP is among some of the bands I have grown up with. I remember the first time I listened to the album “By The Way,” and it was the reason why I got a guitar.

I remember getting up really early in the morning to watch the “Californication” music video on VH1 because I loved when they turned into video game characters.

Even though, they are still around and are coming out with an album I’ll buy immediately and probably love, I still will miss Frusciante’s ability to serenade a crowd with his guitar.

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