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Safety doesn’t mean compromising fun

Spring Break.
That precious week off means different things to different people.
Many will be using the time for service projects. Others will just be relaxing at home.
A fair number of students, though, will be off to Spring Break destinations to forget school in other ways.
And that’s great – we’re in college, and that’s a big part of the experience. But that doesn’t mean those headed to Florida, Mexico or wherever else should forget their common sense just because they’re out of Peoria, although some may argue many are drinking without that common sense on campus, too.
The mid-semester results of the Comprehensive Alcohol Action Plan put drinking on campus in a new light.
Despite the lower blood alcohol contents, it’s clear dangerous binge drinking habits are prevalent.
And if it’s still happening here, we can only imagine that it’ll be happening at those warm spring break destinations.
So as you don those swim suits, beer in hand, keep in mind all the safety precautions that have been thrown your way in your time here.
Everyone, regardless of what they’re doing, should be able to have a great Spring Break. But does having a great Spring Break have to include throwing up and blacking out?
To some, yes, it unfortunately probably does.
But that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t have fun without drinking themselves into oblivion.
The March drinking habits of students have long been the scourge of various university, law enforcement and health officials, which is evident in the changes being made to Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day this year.
So no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, be careful.
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