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Senior column (part 1)

As the longest standing member of The Scout, Ive decided that I am deserving of a two-part senior column.) Is this extra of me? Yes. Do I care what you think? No.

Part 1 of my senior column will feature my potential future paths because for the first time in my life, Im at an actual crossroads. My parents did everything for me prior to college, and all of my decisions were already set in stone by parentally-binding power. Even going to college was a given, but now, my future is completely up to my discretion.

So in the words of the great lyrical master Eric Clapton, I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord for mercy, said, Help me if you please.

In addition to vocalizing my crossroads, this column can also serve as a laughable memory years down the line when Im HOPEFULLY settled in a career path. It will also be a useful reference to all future adults who ask me what I want to do with my post-grad life. This explanation in person typically takes a solid twenty minutes, but now I can just send them a link.

That brings us to option number one: working at a PR agency in the Chicagoland area. This option brings financial security and comfort, but not much else. It would also appease my mother, and make good use of my undergraduate degree. But at this point in time, its just not something Im passionate about.

Besides, Im in my twenties, and nothing worthy of applause is achieved within the confines of your comfort zone. If Im being completely honest, Ill only end up doing PR if I exhaust all other possibilities or something goes horribly wrong in my life (like getting married and becoming a mom).

All other options, (except attending graduate school at Northwestern) involve first attending graduate school in California and then settling down into a more desirable career. While Im not hog wild about LA particularly the culture shock of the lifestyles out West Im also aware that my biggest dreams involve being smack-dab in the middle of the entertainment industry.

I really liked interning at a talent and literary agency in Beverly Hills last spring during Hollywood semester. It opened my eyes to a possible future in that world. As a chance to get my feet wet and experience all aspects of the industry, an agency would be a good starting point, and the competitive, high-strung workplace can prepare me for whats to come.

On a more creative note, I also worked with a colorist in LA, influencing me to consider another job that was never consciously on my radar. Ive always appreciated editing, and although Im not formally trained, post-production work on movies or creating trailers is something that excites me. The relationship between music and film is incredibly compelling, and my love for both cinema and music would allow me to live my best possible life.

That rounds us out to option number four: being a screenwriter for television or film. The collaboration in a writing room, especially for comedy, is something I feel like I would have a natural knack for and thoroughly enjoy. Human interaction is key for my happiness, and I love the concept of collectively pumping our creative juices to write something beautiful, creating an intimate world for the audience to be immersed in.

My biggest hesitation for my fifth and final option is that I would quickly become disenchanted with meaningless work. Entertainment reporting doesnt exactly tap into my ethical and social conscience, but its also something I actually care about. Its a relief from the chaos of the day, and it can be helpful to society in that regard, but its just not respected as true journalism.

Being a movie critic has been one of my earliest dreams wanting to master the art like Roger Ebert but I dont know if I have it in me. And I need to know, with 100 percent certainty, before I dive in headfirst.

So as a senior, thats where Im at, with the impending deadline of the real world looming over me like the Grim Reaper. Catch me in the spring when I mourn the death of college life and celebrate memories from these past four years.

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