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Spring reminds us it’s time to be alive

With the snow melting away and the warm weather coming back to our campus, I can only think of one thing: it’s time to get back outside.
After being locked away for the past five months by the cold, I can finally be happy again to see the sun and feel its warmth, so I can actually leave my room without having to put on five layers of clothes.
With spring upon us, I am reminded of just a few thoughts on what is to come.
Baseball is back
It’s that time of the year to smell the freshly cut grass, to hear the crack of the bat and of course to wait in anticipation for that first “Play ball!” of the year. Baseball is America’s pastime, and now that it’s back for the next six months, I feel as if all is right with the world once again.
Time to pull the shorts back out
Now if you are like me, it took you a really long time to find you old pairs of khaki shorts that have been systematically buried in the bottom of your dresser underneath the multiple pairs of jeans and sweatpants. But now that the temperature is above 60 degrees, it’s time to pull those babies out because it’s their time to shine once again.
I have never been paler in my entire life
Due to the freezing cold weather and a completely cloudy winter, some of you may notice that your skin has gotten much lighter in the past few months.
It’s time to hit the outdoors once again and regain some lively color in your skin pigments 
Time to lose that hibernation weight
Not being able to run around outside can certainly pack on the pounds.
Nothing says winter like staying bundled up inside with a bag of fatty, buttery, salty popcorn to watch a movie and not do anything.
Four months of this has surely not done anything to help me stay in shape (or to help my sodium levels).
But activity is so much more alluring when it’s outside under the sun. It’s no-excuse time.
So with spring finally here and the leaves and flowers finally coming back in full bloom, I urge everyone to get back outside and start being alive again.
Play a pickup game of baseball, toss a Frisbee around, or even just lay out on the quad. It is finally time to not be indoors.
So let’s all put down the remote, or the Xbox controller, and get back to being lively college students once again.
Hayden Shaver is a sophomore sports communication major from Washington. He is the Scout sports reporter.
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