STEM opportunities are great, but there should be others

Within the past academic year, Bradley students have been presented with opportunities to partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), including an interactive media satellite programming project and the most recent 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge hosted by Bradley engineers (see “BU engineers host NASA competition” page A1).

These experiences are beyond great for college students. They provide real-world exposure to state-of-the-art technology and workplaces at one of the world’s most high-profile organizations, as well as great fodder for resumes.

Bradley has an excellent track record for arranging internships and ensuring job placement after graduation. The Scout believes the university should work to keep things that way.

Providing opportunities like partnering with NASA is fantastic; Bradley should continue to cultivate that relationship, especially with the uncertainty of Caterpillar Inc.’s future in Peoria.

But in a world where STEM is taking over, it’s also incredibly important to remember the other guys: the theatre majors, the English majors, the history majors.

Just last week, The Scout ran an article regarding plans for the Business and Engineering Complex and administration said, “these programs are very important, and for engineering in particular and for aspects of business, they need upgraded space. It’s just that simple.”

It’s no secret Bradley pays a good deal of attention to the business and engineering programs. What we would like to see next is some focus on securing partnerships (with high-profile organizations like NASA) for other students in other programs.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Penguin Random House publishing company partnered with English and public relations majors? What if the Second City worked with Bradley theatre students?

The university should continue working with companies to provide experience for STEM students. However, it’s time for Bradley to devote the same resources to students in other departments.

Let’s all graduate on the same footing.