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Students Reflect on Moratorium

  • “I don’t think it is reasonable to expect there won’t be parties and drinking. We’re on a college campus.”- Sophomore political science major Jessica Bertino

  • “I think there will be more drinking in the dorms as a result [of the moratorium], which is a already an issue because you can’t drink in the dorms.”- Freshman engineering major Matt Dunlap

  • “I think it’s unfair to put this on all of the [chapters] and not just the ones who have had problems. Some fraternities are strict about who they let into their parties.”- Freshman mechanical engineering major Mitch Wojtowicz 

  • “The end goal of the administration right now is a safer party system for the greek chapters. The moratorium was an interesting way to handle it . . . but overall I understand their desire and agree that some action to prevent further dangers was necessary.”- Sigma Chi Chapter President Keenan Haynes

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