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Wins and warm weather make March’s outlook much rosier

This page hasn’t exactly been the bearer of good news this year.

But with easily the most dysfunctional student senate in decades and dorms that are falling apart, it’s been a rough few months, and we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t watching what’s been happening. But combine that with the conflicts in the Middle East, which is causing gas to skyrocket, the conflicts in Wisconsin and the hoards of dead animals washing up on the planet’s shore, and it’s been a pretty terrible couple months.

So, in our last issue before spring break, we thought we’d look at the world through slightly more rose-colored glasses.

The basketball team gave Drake a walloping during its last home game of the year. Sure, it was a bright light in a season marred with dying stars. But, still. It was exciting. We’re ignoring the fact that by the time you read this, the team may have lost to Drake in the first round of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. It’s still nice to win every once in while.

Those who won’t be in St. Louis to watch the team lose can stay in Peoria Friday and enjoy the near-60 degree temperatures. Sixty degrees isn’t 80 degrees, but it’s nicer than the weather we’ve been seeing.

It might still snow a bit, and cold temperatures aren’t quite gone yet, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been this winter, all three months and 40-odd inches of snow later.

We’re also marking the halfway point of the semester. Freshmen are almost sophomores and seniors are almost graduates, a scary prospect for all. So, for all of you, enjoy these last few weeks. They might be your last on the Hilltop, or they may mark the end of your first year. Either way, the time’s going to go fast, so enjoy it.

So, the moral of our story this week is to enjoy spring break. Whether you’re going home or headed south, take a break, be safe and have fun. We’ve all been working hard since the end of January, so take the week and do what college students have done for generations.

We do our best on this page, and at this paper, to point out what’s wrong around here. We do our best to keep an eye on what’s happening, especially the not-so-good happenings, to education the student body.

But we’re firm believers that there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off to keep from getting bogged down in the negatives.

We’ll be back after spring break, just in time for Bradley’s election season. This year, that’s going to undoubtedly mean some political battles among candidates. That also means things will be getting ugly again, so enjoy the break while it lasts.

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