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Best sports movies of our generation

Sports make for great movies.
All the action, excitement and drama sets the plot, throw in some good actors, and you have yourself a great film.
We’ve all seen the classics: “Rocky,” “Hoosiers,” “Caddyshack” and “The Natural.”
But now the movies we all grew up watching are becoming timeless sports flicks. 
So without further adieu, here is my list of the top-10 sports movies of our generation.
#10 “The Rookie”
 “The Rookie” portrays the life of former pitcher Jimmy Morris, a former minor-leaguer who left the game because of a shoulder injury.
Morris making the big leagues can give you shivers and viewers can leave the movie feeling inspired from his accomplishments.
#9 “Remember the Titans”
As corny as it may sound, the bonding between the black and white players at T.C. Williams High School is what made this movie great.
The film gets fans to join in on their team bonding and jump on the bandwagon all the way to the state finals.
# 8 “Fever Pitch”
Jimmy Fallon plays Ben Wrightman, a die-hard Red Sox fan who is more hardcore than most can imagine.
It’s got something for everyone with an intertwined love story almost costing Wrightman a chance to see his beloved team win it all.
#7 “Rudy”
Some consider “Rudy” the best movie of all time.
As far as inspiration goes, this movie tops the list.
“Rudy” is the story of a high school football player that dreamed of playing for Notre Dame. Rudy overcame the death of a friend, along with financial and academic issues and eventually found himself on the field as a member of the Fighting Irish.
#6 “Miracle”
“Do you believe in miracles?”
The story of the 1980 Olympic gold medal hockey team is about more than just a game.
The movie showed that hard work and dedication goes a long way and sends your level of patriotism skyrocketing.
#5 “Sandlot”
This story brings us all back to our childhood and is the type of movie in which you can label each character as one of your friends.
We all had the scary neighbor growing up, and most of us have taken the suspenseful trip across the border.
Final thought: Wendy Peffercorn was hot.
#4 “Major League”
When the new owner of the Cleveland Indians enlisted the worst team possible to lower attendance, the world was introduced to the likes of Willie “Mays” Hayes, Rick Vaughn and Pedro Cerrano.
Since Charlie Sheen portrayed Vaughn in the movie, I have not been able to watch “Two and a Half Men” without waiting for him to chuck a ball at someone.
#3 “Mighty Ducks”
Without it, we would never have known of the “knuckle puck.”
Gordon Bombay was forced to coach a children’s hockey team as a punishment for drunk driving. The team of not so talented kids eventually became “mighty,” and a lot of fun to watch.
I learned two very important facts from this movie.
First, Iceland is green and Greenland is ice.
And second. Ducks fly together.
#2 “Rookie of the Year”
Henry Rowengartner – one of the best names in the history of sports movies.
“Rookie of the Year” is the story of one kid living the dream of every other kid in the whole world.
Rowengartner hurt his arm, and is suddenly able to throw a big league fastball. 
What a lucky kid.
#1 “Space Jam”
Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, hats off to that combo.
Just when sports fans thought Michael Jordan had nothing left to accomplish, he teams up with the Looney Tunes to take down the MonStars.
Jordan’s half-court slam dunk buzzer-beater is second to none.
Alex Mayster is a junior journalism major from Palatine. He is the Scout sports editor.
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