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College football needs to fix injustices

Originally published October 29, 2010

It’s been beaten to death (and trust me, the horse is dead), but it’s time for some big changes in college football.

The NCAA has to institute a playoff. The time has come. No more excuses from the NCAA.

They have to make it happen or we will continue to see the Bowl Championship Series computers decide the national champion instead of the way it should be decided – on the field.

Auburn University and University of Oregon were one and two in the BCS polls released Sunday with Boise State a distant third.

That’s it folks. The fix is on.

Boise State could win 60-0 for the rest of the season, but if Auburn and Oregon win out, Boise State will once again be left out of the national championship picture. It’s possible the Broncos could even be left out with a loss by Auburn or Oregon.

This is the same Boise State that has 13 more wins than Auburn over the last 5 seasons. It’s also the same Boise State that beat Oregon 19-8 in the 2009 season opener.

What more can the Broncos do? They’ve been asked to do the impossible. It’s like trying to win a Cuban election.

Boise State is 6-0 and currently holds the nation’s longest win streak at 20 games. They’ve beaten two BCS opponents this season in 6th-ranked Virginia Tech and 24th-ranked Oregon State. And yet the Broncos continue to get the short stick when it comes to the BCS computers.

Boise State plays and beats whatever team is thrown at them. Saying the Broncos couldn’t compete in a BCS conference is ludicrous.

Virginia Tech is undefeated in the Atlantic Coast Conference and the Broncos have already beaten the Hokies in their own backyard this season. Are you telling me Boise State wouldn’t be the best team in the ACC?

The Broncos destroyed Wyoming 51-6. Wyoming beat Air Force and Air Force nearly beat Oklahoma. Are you telling me Boise State couldn’t beat Oklahoma?

Oh, that’s right, they already did 43-42 in 2007.

Boise State can only control how they play on the field and they’re usually pretty darn successful.

The Broncos have been to a bowl game eight of the last nine seasons and Boise State coach Chris Petersen is an incredible 55-4 in his tenure as coach. The DJ Khaled song “All I Do is Win” is actually about the Broncos.

I just can’t understand how the NCAA does not want a playoff. Actually, I can because they line their pockets each and every bowl season.

It comes down to greed.

The NCAA makes a fortune on all the bowl games and they don’t want to do anything to ruin that.

In the meantime, Boise State will be relegated to the kid’s table yet again. They will ultimately play in a BCS bowl game and win yet again, but we will never know if they could’ve been national champions.

The BCS system will let us down yet again this season by not letting us see the best teams in college football decide the national champion on the field.

What a shame.

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