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Enjoy the long, long ride, Cubs fans

Wrigley Field was packed full of enthusiastic fans who watched as the Cubs defeated the
Cardinals in Game 4 of the National League Division Series. It was a spectacle that electrified not only those in attendance, but also the fans sitting at home glued to their television screens.

The Cubs were not the favorite to win the series, and they played like a team that had nothing to lose.

After winning their first playoff series in 12 years, the Cubs organization and their devoted
fandom are flying high. They might even be flying higher than the ball from Kyle Schwarber’s
jaw-dropping home run, which followed Anthony Rizzo’s game-winning and series-clinching home run.

The Cubs will move on to the National League Championship Series for the first time since 2003. While being dubbed as the underdogs, the Cubs battled through the series they were not expected to win. Not even a decades-old curse about a goat could keep the Cubs from winning their first-ever playoff series at Wrigley Field.

Heck, the only thing that the Cubs had on their side this year was the prediction from the 1989 classic “Back to the Future Part II” claiming that the Chicago team would win the World Series in 2015, a prediction that would be exceptionally cool if it actually happened.

It has been more than a century since the Cubs won the World Series, and for the team,
which has seen many hardships over the years, to make it this far is a success in itself.

The team’s performance in the playoffs this year has done two things for the organization as they move forward.

The first is the breath of fresh air the 2015 Cubs gave to their fans, some of which have been waiting for generations to see their team have a legitimate chance at making a deep playoff run.

More importantly, this team has assured that veteran manager Joe Maddon is a good fit for the Cubs. While under his management, he was able to show improvement within the span of one season.

After signing a five-year contract almost one year ago, Maddon has hit the road running and has taken charge of this youthful group of baseball players.

For Cubs devotees, the idea of four more seasons with Maddon has limitless possibilities.

No matter how long the Cubs’ playoff campaign lasts this year, fans must understand this is the start of a new era for Chicago Cubs baseball. This is the beginning of an era during which the expectations and standards for the team will rise to meet the level of play that the team has been demonstrating lately.

So, fly the “W,” Chicago. Enjoy the moment and remember that the Cubs are making organizational history as they continue their venture into the 2015 MLB playoffs.

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