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Jeff’s REAL top-10 sports movies

Two weeks ago, the Scout sports editor, Alex Mayster, wrote a column about his top-10 favorite sports movies of our generation.
While I was reading it, I couldn’t help but be appalled when I saw the movie “Fever Pitch,” starring Jimmy Fallon, was in the top-10 and ranked higher than “Remember the Titans.”
I don’t know if I was more shocked that “Remember the Titans” was ranked lower than “Fever Pitch,” or that someone actually likes Jimmy Fallon as an actor.
Regardless, here is my top-10 sports movies of our generation inspired by a few Bradley students.
10. “White Men Can’t Jump”
Billy and Sydney think they are the best basketball hustlers in town and team up to earn some big cash.
They use Billy’s white race against black players who assume “white men can’t jump.”
In the final, intense game of the tournament, Billy finally dunks the ball for the first time, proving white men really can jump.
9. “A League of Their Own”
“A League of Their Own” is an inspirational story of two sisters, Kit and Dottie, who play baseball in an all-girls league and meet up against each other in the championship game.
8. “Little Giants”
A group of misfits get together and play football against the town’s high- caliber pee-wee team, which sets up a sibling rivalry among the coaches.
This is a true underdog story.
If I remember anything about “Little Giants,” it’s that Icebox kicked Spike’s butt.
7. “The Replacements”
When the NFL players go on strike, it is up to a group of has-beens and strangers to lead the team to the playoffs.
I’ll always remember Danny taking out Nigel after a game-winning kick.
As John Madden said in the movie, “You know, there’s a rule in sports, don’t do anything great if you can’t handle the congratulations.”
6. “The Rookie”
“The Rookie” is about coach and former pitcher Jimmy Morris who is convinced by his high school baseball team to try out for a major league organization.
The hardships and trials of Jim Morris will inspire you to live up to your dreams and never settle.
5. “Friday Night Lights”
The Permian Panthers are seeking perfection during their season but when their star tailback Boobie Miles suffers a career-ending injury, coach Gary Gaines must prove himself to the city and lead his football team to perfection.
Quote of the movie: “Perfection is being able to look your friends in the eye and know you did everything you could not to let them down.”
4. “Rudy”
This is a story of a high school player whose only dream was to play for Notre Dame.
Through mere determination, he overcomes the obstacles in his way and fulfills his dream.
“Rudy” is truly inspirational and that’s why it is ranked pretty high on my list.
3. “Sandlot”
“The Sandlot” is about a group of friends who share many memories together playing baseball, but one particular summer brings the group closer than it has ever been.
I had that group of friends when I was younger. I just wish we had someone like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez to get us out of pickles like he did.
2. “The Mighty Ducks”
We all grew up watching Charlie Conway and company skate their way to pee-wee championships, the Junior Goodwill Games and eventually high school hockey.
How can anyone forget the Flying-V, the knuckle puck, the bash brothers and “quack quack quack.”
If you don’t remember, then “see ya later, cake-eater.”
1. “Remember the Titans”
T.C. Williams High School football team will never be the same when white and black players are forced to play together in times of segregation.
The team faces the extremes of racism and is faced with losing a valuable member of the team to a car accident.
Though it has faced many challenges, the team strides into the state finals and make the opposing team “Remember the Titans.”
Jeff De Chavez is a junior journalism major from Elk Grove Village. He is the Scout sports reporter.
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