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One-on-One: Does offense or defense win the game?

The end result of a sporting event is always determined by its score, and the only way to get a higher score is through the offense. 
I’ve heard the phrase “defense wins championships” but in the end, if only the defense does its job, the final score will be tied at zero. 
Offenses are important to winning any type of game. Has any team ever achieved any sort of great heights without the ability to put up points? 
I agree that defense is important to winning as well, but teams simply can’t win without scoring. 
Most importantly, offense is much more fun to watch than a good defense. A good play on defense is a boring and simple play to watch, but a good offensive play is always exciting. 
Have you ever heard of a boring touchdown or an uninteresting home run? 
They simply do not exist. 
In a time of action movies with huge explosions and lots of guns, audiences want to see action. 
Defense may provide a big hit or nice catch but more often than not, a standard play on “D” is boring. 
And the only part of a game that provides it is offense. 
The best offense is a good, well, offense. 
-Bill Hopkins 
The age old question: offense or defense. 
Personally I have to go with defense to not only win games, but to win championships. 
Looking at just the Super Bowl, since Super Bowl XXX, a total of 11 losing teams have had three touchdowns or less. 
Obviously, this means that defense has held the team to a low enough total so the offense didn’t have to do a lot of work to win. 
It doesn’t matter if your offense can score upwards of 40 points in a game. If you don’t have the defense to hold the other team to a low score, the higher the probability your team isn’t going to win the game. 
Another prime example, again coming from football, is a game in 2007 between the Browns and the Bengals. 
The Bengals scored 45 points, which is great for an offense to do, and yet they lost the game. 
Why, you ask? Because the defense gave up 51 points to the Browns. 
So once again it makes no difference how good your offense is in any particular game. At the end of the day, defense is what really counts. 
The ability to hold your opponent to a low point value makes it much easier to win games, not just in football, but in every sport. 
Look it up. Teams who can hold opponents to lower scores win games nine times out of 10. 
-Hayden Shaver 
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