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One on One: Is the NFL Pro Bowl worth watching?

The Pro Bowl is the last chance sports fans will have to watch football for a while, so why not watch?
I realize it’s not as exciting as the Super Bowl, or any other NFL game for that matter, but hey, football is football.
It’s not like you are watching bench players go at it.
The Pro Bowl gives you a chance to see the best players in the NFL go head-to-head, giving you a true idea of how athletically gifted these guys actually are.
Plus, this year there is an added bonus.
Some fans are calling this past Super Bowl the greatest of all time. Well, the Pro Bowl gives you a little bit more.
The Arizona Cardinals’ Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin will lead the NFC’s starting offense come Sunday.
The AFC’s defense will include James Harrison and Troy Polamalu, both of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Can’t get enough of Super Bowl XLIII? Watch the Pro Bowl.
Alex Mayster

When I was eight years old, playing in the back yard by myself, pretending I was John Elway, I cared about the Pro Bowl.
By the time I was nine, I realized I could never be John Elway and came to the realization I would never play in a Pro Bowl, let alone the Arena Football League.
So since that monumentus day, the Pro Bowl has never mattered to me, nor the rest of the nation, except for a few Hawaiians.
Don’t expect them to care anymore either, since this is the last year to see Peyton Manning throw a pass to Chad Johnson while wearing a lei.
The Pro Bowl has no effect on anything, and worst of all, it’s planned after the biggest game of the year. 
Not even two teams of all-stars can live up to the Super Bowl, and that’s why we’re going to change the channel from the Pro Bowl this weekend when it’s on TV.
Not to mention, there is never a bad time to flip on the Food Network.
Dru Tate
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