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One-on-One: Next team to make Super Bowl for the first time?


Super Bowls take a lot of practice, lots of film watching and a little luck. Maybe somebody should tell the Lions or the Browns the formula.

But those teams aren’t the only ones that don’t seem to be getting it right.

But why are the Jags the team that’s always first in line for tee times come January going to be the first to finally to ditch the links until mid-February?

Because they have mojo.

But not just any mojo, they have Maurice Jones-Drew. All 5-foot-7 of him plays the perfect spark plug role on the team no one watched.

Most football fans know him as a fantasy football stud that normally accumulates almost 2,000 yards from scrimmage each year. But he does more than just that for his team.

Anyone who needs proof can YouTube his labeling of All-Pro and roided up Shawne Merriman during a game in 2007.

As the next likely candidate for relocation, they hold the distinct honor of being the next team with Los Angeles’ rabid fan base that’s dying for an NFL franchise.

With two million new fans and a little Mojo, the Jags look to be the team to follow the Saints to the hallowed land of Super Bowldom.

-Bill Hopkins


The Houston Texans are not that far away from reaching their first Super Bowl.

Houston quarterback Matt Schaub is one of the best quarterbacks in football. Not only did Schaub throw for the most yards in the NFL last season, but he was also the Pro Bowl MVP.

The Texans also have the best wide receiver in football. Andre Johnson is big and fast and has incredible hands. He is pretty much unstoppable.

Johnson led the league in receiving by more than 200 yards and had nine touchdowns.

In 2008, the Texans drafted running back Steve Slaton. During his rookie season, Slaton ran for 1,282 yards and nine touchdowns and was one of the best running backs in the AFC. Last season Slaton had an injury-plagued season, playing in only 11 games.

Three of the last four seasons Houston has used its first-round pick on a defensive player and the results on defense show it. In 2006, the Texans finished 25th in the league in ppg allowed. Last season, Houston finished 17th in the league.

If Slaton can regain his rookie form and the Texans’ defense continues to improve Houston will be a playoff team next season. And maybe with a little luck the Texans could reach their first Super Bowl.

-Alex Ross

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