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One-on-One: Which league is better?


October marks the beginning of fall and a new NHL season. I couldn’t be more pumped to watch the bone-crushing hits, adrenaline-pumping fights and the intense rivalries.

The NBA is close to its season being canceled due to a labor dispute, and this has yet to bother me whatsoever.

The NHL brings more to the table than the NBA, such as playing 100 percent during each game. Hockey players have an undeniable passion for the game, which fuels its rich history. Players dive for pucks, get smacked in the face by shots and play through tough injuries. When was the last time you saw a NBA player put their body on the line?

The NBA has a bunch of spoiled players who ruin the beautiful game of basketball. Instead of the passion and fundamentals in traditional basketball, such as at the college level, players only perform at a 60 percent level until the fourth quarter. Even Los Angeles Clippers superstar Blake Griffin admitted he needed pace himself better next season.

I’ve recently started watching hockey again after its season-long lockout in 2004-05, and I’m hooked.

The NHL is more than a couple of superstars dictating the league, and the same teams reaching the conference finals.

Watch the famous Winter Classic, a rivalry game or a playoff game, and you will understand how I feel.

-Bobby Nightengale



We’re on the verge of losing the entire NBA season, leaving us with the NHL as the only professional sport after the NFL season ends.

With all due respect to the NHL, this is a major loss for sports fans.

There is little doubt the NHL creates a great product in the playoffs, but outside of diehard fans no one wants to watch the regular season.

The players aren’t household names and teams lack identity with your average sports fan.

The NBA has stars on every team and is easy to connect with, no matter what game you’re watching.

While the NBA season is too long and players sometimes give half effort, the tremendous play by the game’s superstars make it worth tuning in.

Would you rather see Alexander Ovechkin or Kevin Durant? Sidney Crosby or Kobe Bryant? Patrick Kane or Derrick Rose?

The choice is easy. I’d rather watch the NBA players.

There isn’t a league with more promising young talent than the NBA. The star power hasn’t been higher since Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and the ‘90s NBA.

It’s going to be difficult not having basketball this winter with only hockey to fall back on.

The NHL has its place in the sports hierarchy in the United States, but it is not a better product than the NBA.

-Alex Ross

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