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One on One: Which sport should be watched more often?


Today’s technology gives new ways for broadcast teams to get inside the huddle and capture sounds from the field, which supposedly entice the audience to a new level.
So how is it possible for a sport that has perfected the art of audio enhancements for the past 30 years to not be the most popular thing to grace the television screens since M*A*S*H?
Tennis is without a shadow of a doubt the most under-watched and under appreciated sport in the United States.
The battle between the two opponents is grueling, and the players’ grunts and screams are way more intriguing than a Baltimore Ravens huddle with Ray Lewis shouting at the top of his lungs.
I’m not saying I’m a tennis enthusiast, but when its on I normally don’t change the channel. 
Every mistake made can’t be blamed on another teammate, so the players yell at themselves. When they make the best play in the world, they break down and hug an inanimate tennis racket.
The combination of those two is like watching through a two-way mirror at a loony bin.
I’d watch that any day of the week.
– Dru Tate


There is no question about it., hockey is the most underrated sport in the country.
It is almost a crime that a sport that combines the sheer manliness of football and the technique and precision of soccer gets less coverage than the national spelling bee.
Also, by taking place on ice, hockey gives fans a niche few other “sports” can fill.
Players such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin are making hockey more exciting than ever, with their careers just starting to pan out. 
 Technologies such as electric skate blades, which are heated to melt ice and cause less resistance, make the game  faster and more enjoyable to watch for the casual sports fan.
Not to mention, hockey is the only sport that allows fist fighting. Believe it or not, it is still illegal in the NBA.
The Midwest will be sporting the best teams in the league as the reigning Stanley Cup champs reside in Detroit, and both St. Louis and Chicago teams are primed for a break-out year.
If you are still not sold that hockey is the most underrated sport out there, I dare you to rent “The Mighty Ducks” and not want to sharpen your skates.
– D.J. Piehowski
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