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One-on-One: Which team is better?

Tim Tebow may very well be one of the greatest college football players to ever play college ball, and might be the number one draft pick in the next NFL draft. That does not mean the Florida Gators are the best team in the country. 
When determining the number one team, I believe the difficulty of schedules should play a factor. I don’t think the thrashing of teams like Troy and Charleston Southern by more than 50 points apiece really makes Florida the best team in the nation. With all due respect to these schools, they aren’t exactly going to be breaking into the rankings anytime soon. 
Also the Longhorns face more national ranked teams than the Gators. The Gators only play two nationally ranked teams while the Longhorns face four. The number one team shouldn’t have the easiest schedule. 
Then we look at the Texas Longhorns. They haven’t faced the best teams this season so far either, but they have faced teams that are actually recognizable to the avid college football fan, such as Wyoming. 
The Longhorns won their games quite easily but they were also against tougher teams than the Gators especially considering the teams facing Florida scored a combined total of nine points. Obviously the Florida Gators haven’t faced any teams with offense yet. 
Then you have arguably the most important player on any football team, the quarterback. Sure, Tim Tebow has won the Heisman trophy. But one name in the talk for the trophy is Colt McCoy. McCoy has started off strong, throwing for over 650 yards and five touchdowns in the first two games of the season, much better statistically than Tebow. 
-Hayden Shaver
This year, we have an opportunity to witness a fantastic accomplishment. Senior quarterback Tim Tebow has the ability to become the single greatest college football player of all time. 
Tebow comes into this season with one Heisman, and a National Championship under his belt. He has the chance to become the second player all time with multiple Heismans. 
So tell me how the team with the greatest player ever at their sport, is not on the best team in the country. 
Well, you could try to say this is a team sport. But in that regard, Florida is still the number one team in the country. 
The Gators arguably had the best defense in the nation last year. They tied for the lead in the nation with 26 interceptions and scored five defensive touchdowns. 
And the best part about that is the Gators returned all of their defensive starters. 
Their defense is lead by senior linebacker Brandon Spikes who has built up a repuatation as a tenacious ball-hawking defender. 
Another good reason for Florida to be the top team in the nation is head coach Urban Meyer. Meyer built a winner at Utah before he came to Florida and he has continued to do the same in the SEC. 
Two out of the last three years, Florida has brought home the National Championship. This is a team with a tradition of winning lately. 
Not that Texas hasn’t accomplished anything lately but there is no doubt Florida has been the best team in recent history. Even dating back to the Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, the Gators have been the cream of the crop. 
Take all of those pieces, sprinkle in a high scoring offense and put the cherry on top with a Heismann. You will have yourself the best team in all the land. 
-Bill Hopkins 
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