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One-on-One: Who’s the best UFC fighter?

Brock Lesnar
After only four fights in the UFC’s Heavyweight division, Brock Lesnar has already secured his spot as the undisputed Heavyweight champion. 
The best part about his position atop the standings is that no one is going to catch him for the next couple of years. 
Lesnar won the title at UFC 100 against two-time former Heavyweight champ Frank Mir. 
But why is Lesnar uncatchable? One reason – his sheer dominance in size. Lesnar towers over everyone else in his weight class. 
He is only the second fighter in Nevada history to wear 4XL size gloves. His hands have been described as the size of lunchboxes. Lesnar stands in at 265 pounds, which is the maximum for the weight class. When he fought Mir for the title, he had 20 pounds on him. 
Lesnar has the capability to basically sit on his opponent and utilize the ground-and-pound technique to get the knockout. 
In addition to his size, he’s also one of the best entertainers in the sport. 
After he beat Mir, he caught a lot of attention for his comments and actions after the fight. His obscene gestures toward the crowd and vulgar comments afterwards gave the UFC and Lesnar a lot of free publicity. 
Now, Lesnar is probably the most famous fighter in the whole sport. But why does this make him the best fighter? 
Because sports are entertainment and the way Lesnar acted after his last fight adds another layer of intrigue to his next one. 
More people are going to tune into his next pay-per-view fight and spend money on the UFC. 
Although he may only have five mixed martial arts wins, Lesnar has cemented his place in the sport as one tough customer. He is a force to be reckoned with, and no one is going to stop him. 
-Bill Hopkins 
Anderson Silva
When speaking of dominance in a particular sport, one thing you have to look at is obviously, whom is everyone scared of? For MMA’s Middleweight division that man is Anderson Silva. 
The Spider, as he is known by the MMA fan base, not only has an impressive record at 25-4, but since April of 2006 is undefeated and most of them haven’t even been close. 
Silva has knocked out five guys in the first round in his last 11 fights. Only one of his fights has even gone later than the third round and he won that fight by unanimous decision. So even though he couldn’t finish the fight in regulation, he was still considered to have dominated the fight. 
Silva is such a dominating factor in his own weight class that he is considering vacating the Middleweight title to move up a weight class to fight guys who are much bigger then he is. At this point he is the most dominant fighter, pound-for-pound, in the UFC today. 
Silva realizes fighting in his own weight class is pointless and basically a waste of time because of his stature. Any fighter who even considers moving up a weight class because his own class can’t touch him, proves once and for all that he is the toughest and best fighter the MMA has seen in quite some time. 
So when speaking of dominance, which fighter is everyone scared of in the Middleweight division? Anderson Silva. 
If you want to go by an entertainment standpoint, what do MMA fan’s want to see? Innovation and domination. Fighters don’t just move up a weight class just for kicks. He is moving up because he can’t be stopped at his weight class and he needs a challenge. 
That is why Anderson Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC today. 
-Hayden Shaver 
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