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One-on-One: Who is going to win the World Series?


All aboard the St. Louis Cardinals bandwagon. Next stop, Disney World.

Oh sure, you were reluctant to join the bandwagon when the playoffs started and the Redbirds found themselves in the biggest mismatch since David vs. Goliath, but they loaded their slingshot with Chris Carpenter and snapped Goliath’s Achilles tendon.

Like Ryan Howard with the last out of the Philadelphia Phillies’ season, Goliath fell and hit the ground with a thud.

Next up were the pesky Milwaukee Brewers. They cast away the chains the Cardinals had over them by winning the division, only to find out the Cardinals had them right where they wanted.

Albert Pujols took offense to the nutty nuisance, Nyjer Morgan, and embarrassed Morgan and the rest of the Brew Crew with the help of David “Mr. Freeze” Freese.

Now, are they supposed to tremble at the feet of the high octane Texas Rangers? Oh yeah, because the Rangers .190 batting average in last year’s World Series is so scary.

The Cardinals have the best hitter (Pujols), the best pitcher (Carpenter), the best manager (Tony LaRussa) and in the 2011 playoffs, the Cardinals have more hits, runs and RBIs than any other team.

Still don’t want on the bandwagon? Fine, but as a wise man once said, the bandwagon rolls on.

-Zach Berg



The Texas Rangers have it all. They have all of the top hitters, pitchers, and a fantastic bullpen. This combination has sent them to the World Series for the second straight year, but this time around they are going to win it.

St. Louis fans should give their standing ovation to Albert Pujols in Game 2, because this series will end in Texas after Game 5.

Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz has already crushed six home runs in the postseason, and he is the Rangers’ seventh hitter.

How can the Rangers have such a potent bat at the bottom of the lineup? Well it’s easy when you boast 2010 AL MVP Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, Mike Napoli and Ian Kinsler.

On the mound, the Cardinals will be swinging and missing against the starters C.J. Wilson, Derek Holland and Colby Lewis.

Did I mention the Cardinals should forget about comebacks against Texas with a bullpen featuring Mike Adams and Neftali Feliz?

Feliz was the 2010 Rookie of the Year and one of baseball’s top closers, while Adams has only allowed 15 runs throughout the entire season.

Texas lost last year, and has showed the determination and effort to make sure they won’t have the same result.

Cardinals’ fans should be happy their team made it this far, and beg Albert Pujols to stay in St. Louis.

-Bobby Nightengale

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