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One-on-One: Who will have the biggest impact on the Super Bowl?

Anquan Boldin

By now, it’s no secret that Larry Fitzgerald is the biggest threat to the Steelers’ defense.
However, it’s also no secret the Steelers have the best pass defense in the NFL, and will not allow Fitz to embarrass them by grabbing 200 yards and three touchdowns on Super Bowl Sunday.
With all of the extra attention being drawn to Fitzgerald, I believe the Cardinals chances lay completely in the ability to get the ball into the hands of their No. 2 man, Anquan Boldin, to pick up those tough third and long type plays.
This really shouldn’t be much of a struggle, considering the fact that this “No. 2” receiver (who would be the top dog on most other teams) will be covered for a majority of the game by the lesser of Pittsburgh’s defensive backs.
Don’t get me wrong, if the game comes down to a situation where Arizona is down five with two seconds left to play, Larry Fitzgerald is the player who will determine the outcome.
However, if the Cardinals don’t get Boldin the ball throughout the game, they won’t even come close to seeing a situation that good.
-D.J. Piehowski

Willie Parker

In the second week of the playoffs, Willie Parker tore up the San Diego Chargers defense for 146 yards, and this Super Bowl should prove to be no different.
Parker will clearly dictate the game because the more time he’s bumbling through Arizona’s no-name defensive line, the less time Larry Fitzgerald has to catch an errant throw from Kurt Warner.
Don’t be surprised when you hear NFL analysts say, “defense wins championships” this Sunday, because that is what Pittsburgh is defined by.
To quote the illustrious John Madden, the best defense is one that never has to get on the field.
The key to that will be Parker gaining four yards a pop and keeping Ben Roethlisberger on the field while Troy Polamalu sits on the sideline growing even more facial hair.
On the counter, Ray Lewis figured out how to stop Parker from progressing to any more hash-marks. But the Baltimore Ravens had Ray Lewis and the Cardinals just have Bill Bidwell on their side.
Maybe Dan Dierdorf will step back onto the field. On the likelihood he won’t, look forward to yawning through the Super Bowl as Parker grinds down the clock with a total of 150 yards on the game with one touchdown.

-Dru Tate

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