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One-on-One: Will the Bulls find success in the playoffs?

I’m a Bulls fan, and this team is decent, but they’re not that good.
Yes, I will admit Derrik Rose is good and has a lot of potential, but people seem to forget he is still a rookie.
Potential is good, but what is better is having good players, and that is an area where the Bulls seem to struggle.
And don’t even say John Salmons. Seriously? Who is this guy?
The former face of the franchise, Kirk Hinrich, is no longer good enough to start.
Then there is Ben Gordon who can shoot well, but doesn’t do much else.
And Joakim Noah, don’t even get me started. 
I have yet to find a reason why Brad Miller is not the starting center.
Maybe with Luol Deng they would have a chance, but with such a low seed the Bulls just can’t match up the better teams in the Eastern Conference.
If the Bulls replace Gordon’s expiring contract with a guard that can handle the ball, maybe the Bulls can “potential”-ly make a run next season.
– Alex Mayster
The Bulls are coming off impressive wins to end the season and are stampeding into the playoffs. The question is can the Bulls go deep into the playoffs? My answer is yes.
I think the Bulls have created the chemistry needed to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Though the road may be tough, with Cleveland and Boston standing in their way, I think the level of play the Bulls are showing can lead them to success.
The Bulls are capable of beating the other East contenders, they match-up well with them defensively and offensively.
Yes, I can agree the lack of playoff experience is there, but there are veterans on the Bulls such as Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon, Brad Miller and Lindsay Hunter that have advanced to second and third rounds of the playoffs and know how to win.
Don’t be surprised if you see the Bulls go deep into the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. 
They have the necessary weapons, skills and mind set to keep their win streak going.
– Jeff De Chavez
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