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One-on-One: Will Tiger Woods win the Masters this weekend?

There is no doubt Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer on the planet. All his recent troubles will not change that. Woods will undoubtedly continue winning tournaments and majors on his quest to breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 wins in major tournaments.
However, he isn’t winning the Masters this weekend.
Golf is an incredibly tough game. No golfer, even someone of Woods’ stature, can miss competitive tournaments for 6 months and still win the Masters. 
And he didn’t just sit out of competitive tournaments for half a year, he didn’t practice for a long period of that time.
The Masters is the biggest spectacle in golf and this weekend the sports media will descend on Augusta, Ga. The pressure on Woods this week will be unlike anything he has ever experienced. The questions all week about his past discretions will distract him from the task at hand.
Plus, we still have no idea how the fans in the gallery will react to Woods and how that reaction will affect him.
If there is any golfer who can overcome the odds stacked against them, it is Woods. He is the best the game has to offer and has pulled out miracles in the past. While it will not take a miracle this weekend, Woods will not have enough to win the Masters this year.
-Alex Ross
The test of a true athlete is how they perform under pressure. To be the best you have to be the best under all circumstances.
Tiger Woods is the absolute best and that is why he is going to win at this week’s Masters.
Who comes to mind when you hear the word golf? It surely isn’t Lucas Glover or Angel Cabrera. It’s Tiger.
To be the best you have to play at a level unlike any other player on any given day. Tiger has proven he is the best by being the most dominant player in the game. Other golfers know when he is on the course, you can tell simply by where 90 percent of the audience is.
This is the biggest stage of all for golf: the Masters. The best player, Tiger, in the biggest tournament of the year spells out a win for Tiger.
The things he has gone through will not affect his golf game. In fact it may help him more than it hurts. While everyone is talking about his off the course problems, no one seems to pay attention to the fact that he is the most dangerous golfer on the planet and can win almost at will.
That is why Tiger Woods will be the 2010 Masters champion and will wash away all of the doubts that his off the course problems will affect his on the course performance. 
Tiger Woods will once again take the reigns of the PGA and   become the most dominant golfer again.
-Hayden Shaver
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