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Arcade Fire’s flame is burning more than ever, with current chatter all over the music world. As yet another fall month comes to a close, the band’s much anticipated album, “Reflektor”, nears its official release date. The history of Arcade Fire album releases has proved nearly flawless, but will their reputation hold up this time?
If you’ve missed it, Arcade Fire is a Canadian indie-rock band that successfully reinvents their style with every album they have put out. Their progressive sound has always carried an eerie alternative art rock, set to the theme of heavy internal and external life struggles and politics.
Front-man Win Butler whispers of heartbreak and forgiveness with my favorite single, “Crown of Love”, on their 2004 breakthrough album, “Funeral.” “Neon Bible”, released in 2007, showcased Arcade Fire’s outward frustrations of society and city living, with tracks about escapism like “Keep the Car Running”.
The seven-membered band finally perfected their controversially beautiful sound in 2010 with “The Suburbs.” After winning a Grammy for best album in 2011, it was clear that fans everywhere had witnessed the perfect balance that created the genius of all things Arcade Fire.
With great popularity comes great expectations. Arcade Fire has some seriously big shoes to fill. They have recently been criticized for straying away from their indie-rock roots. Their response: street art. Arcade Fire left it entirely up to their devoted fans to spread the message that their new album would release soon. Stickers began to show up all over cities indicating the time their first single would be released. The response flew across Instagram accounts everywhere.
The release date isn’t until Tuesday, but there is much buzz about the early deliverance of the two singles, “Reflektor” and “Here Comes the Night Time”.
Where Daft Punk failed to reinvent the funky beats of the 80s, Arcade Fire perfected. “Reflektor” is such a hauntingly impressive melody of the narcissistic ways of modern social media and its poor effects on love and relationships. I can’t help but fantasize about a Talking Heads reunion tour, co-headlined by Butler and the gang. With songs like this, the two would complement each other in a fantastically melded work of musical art.
“Here Comes the Night Time” is another single that was released early. If this song is any real preview to what this post punk revival band has in store for us, we’re in luck. This disco-styled track is something worth popping your head phones in for a listen. The sound is something we’ve never really heard before with comparisons to a mixture of early Bono and David Bowie.  It’s fun, it’s upbeat and it makes you want to grab a beer and start a Congo line. This heartening tune has a deeper message (as is the Arcade Fire style) of learning not to fear dark times, because we’ve been through it before and we’ll keep living again.
Arcade Fire has quickly approached the popularity of one of the biggest rock bands in music today and their influence has spread globally. With collaborations like David Bowie and James Murphy, producer of LCD Soundsystem, this album is worth keeping on your list of upcoming downloads. Pay attention closely, because Arcade Fire is sure to spark yet another flame world-wide.
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