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Archer: A Grown Up Cartoon

The beauty of the show lies in its one-liners. Even though the show is technically set in the 1950s-1960’s era, most of the script is written in modern dialect. The jokes are very much not PG and usually sexually charged. To call it a highly intellectual show would be a fallacy, but it is dark adult humor at its best.

If you like spies, but find James Bond a little too vanilla, FX has you covered. The network’s hit animated series “Archer” delivers plenty of off color laughs and R-rated fun.

The show centers around the suave master spy Sterling Archer, whose skills are only surpassed by his complete self obsession. He is the son of Mallory, stone cold owner of the espionage agency ISIS who carries on a clandestine romance with the leader of the KGB and is the only person with any level of control over Sterling. The buxom, sharp-tongued Lana Kane is Sterling’s partner and ex-girlfriend who he is always trying to seduce.

One of the attractions to this show is the high quality animation. It doesn’t feel like a cartoon because of the style of how everything is done and how sharp it is. “Archer” reminds me of

She is dating the comptroller-turned-reluctant ISIS agent Cybil Figgis voiced by Chris Parnell, who joins other office staff in the dramas and backstabbing plots that often outdo the missions they go on.

a dirtier “Futurama” based on every spy movie ever, especially James Bond films. To call it a parody might be overstating its plot, but it certainly has the wit of a good “Saturday Night Live” animated short.

If you’re in the mood for a comedy that you may feel a little guilty laughing at, “Archer” is the way to go.

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