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Ballers on a budget: Super Bowl celebrations

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us, and for students on a modest budget, throwing an awesome shindig without burning a hole in your wallet is always a desirable goal.

Sure, some are perfectly happy with just a TV, a few friends and a couple snacks, or going to a sports bar or restaurant. For those who want to make an event out of the Super Bowl without spending too much, there are many options.

First order of business: decorations. You want the area where you’ll be watching the game to be festive.

Luckily, festivity is no further than a brisk walk to the Dollar Tree.

Black, gold, green and yellow streamers should easily be found. Tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups in either Steelers or Packers colors are also a simple but fun way to liven up the venue.

A party’s not a party without the key ingredient – food. Instead of ordering in Papa John’s or Jimmy Johns, a good frugal alternative is having a potluck. This way, even your pickiest guests are accommodated, giving everyone something to enjoy during the game.

The key to a successful potluck is to make sure everyone knows what they are bringing beforehand. Make sure to have a list for everyone to reference so there isn’t any overlap in items.

If venturing in the cold is too daunting, heading over to the Geisert Cafeteria is not only convenient, but free with a meal plan.

If the party is being thrown together on short notice, taking a gander over to CVS or Walgreens is always an option. To save even more, you could go generic.

Trust me, when tensions are running high between Steelers and Packers fans, no one’s going to notice the corn chips and salsa aren’t Pace and Tostitos. The same goes for flavored soft drinks.

Buying frozen foods in bulk like taquitos is also a good idea. That way, you can be sure that food is always in supply. Plus, they do not take too long to microwave.

So there you have it, a frugal student’s guide to hosting a Super Bowl party. By using some of these ideas in your party plans, you should be able to make the occasion an enjoyable and festive one for all, and still keep the expenses manageable.

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