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‘Britney Ever After’: a cringe-worthy attempt

If you thought Lifetime’s depiction of singer Aaliyah was the worst biographical movie they could have ever done, think again.

“Britney Ever After” is a Lifetime-produced, so-called “biopic” of iconic pop queen Britney Spears that aired last Sunday.

Did I mention it was unauthorized by Britney Spears and her entire crew? Of course, many biographical movies are not formally authorized by their subjects, but they usually still turn out pretty interesting.

With “Britney Ever After,” however, this was not the case. The only true entertainment of the film is how easy it is to criticize.

As a lifelong fan of Britney (seriously, I had a life-sized poster of her on my wall throughout my childhood, and I was schoolgirl Britney from the “…Baby One More Time” music video this past Halloween) I cringed at most of the film. I’m not one to attack actresses, but Natasha Bennett did not do Spears justice with her representation. In fact, I feel like every time this fake Britney was on-screen, she was either gyrating against another man’s pelvis that remotely resembled one of Spears’ former love interests, saying “y’all” incessantly or ugly-crying.

This demeaning portrayal of a hard-working, talented and extremely pressured young woman’s rise to fame made me – and many other fans – extremely agitated. Based on the title, I thought the film would serve as a tribute to Spears, highlighting her countless accomplishments and recognizing her trials as well. Sadly, the film depicted her as a simply unlikeable character. And that’s what she was in this film – a character. This Britney imposter did not in any way resemble the celebrity we’ve come to know and love throughout the years.

Bennett called this movie a “love letter” to the superstar, but I hope it’s an apologetic, let’s-make-up letter, because I could not imagine Spears being at all pleased with how “Britney Ever After” turned out. I completely understand why she did not approve of it and why almost every reaction to the movie by fans has been negative. It was downright offensive to its own subject.

Lifetime, please stick to the “based on a true story” dramas of murderous psychopaths – not misrepresentations of beloved icons like Britney Spears.

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