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Buzzfeed: Bandwagon

Let’s all take a moment to thank the Internet for slowly rotting our brains, shortening our attention spans and lowering our tolerance for good writing and solid facts.
OK, I understand it’s bad to generalize an entire network of information as turning us into mindless zombies. There are a good number of websites out there that are really useful to our everyday lives, and some that are essential for people on the daily.
The flipside is that there are also websites that exist simply to numb or distract us from life.
Yes, BuzzFeed, I’m talking to you.
With its click-bait headlines, poorly written articles and general lack of professionalism, BuzzFeed is any journalist’s worst nightmare.
Although they do have a select few actual news stories produced, never have I visited this website for my news over any larger, more reputable news source.
I know there is going to be some opposition to my viewpoint, and I welcome it 100 percent.
It’s a universal fact that puppies ARE amazing, and nothing makes me squeal like a child more than seeing the “The 23 Most Adorable Puppies Of 2013.” But they do not need to be all over my Facebook newsfeed day after day.
While it’s true that some of BuzzFeed’s photo stories are interesting enough to actually look at, those gems are overshadowed by the multiple pages telling you about the 17 things you should do, say or think.
One of the slightly better (emphasis on slightly) things to come out of BuzzFeed is the quizzes. Sometimes I really do want to know what celebrity I should party with or what ‘80s pop icon I am.
As with any good thing, however, these quizzes have been overdone and over-posted to the point that I never want to take a quiz for fun ever again in my life.
This is because BuzzFeed has been paired with Facebook enough in the recent past that it’s become nothing more than an ego booster, which tends to happen on social media.
Do most people really care that you would be Cory from “Boy Meets World” and your best friend would be Shawn? No, they don’t. That’s a match made in heaven, but no one actually cares.
I’m not suggesting that we need to completely do away with BuzzFeed.
Sometimes it’s really nice to have a little free time online and check out some of the more ridiculous things.
What we do need to do away with is the constant need to share and post and repost every single thing we do or see on BuzzFeed.
There’s a kind of excitement in being the only person who knows which famous work of art you are because, let’s face it, you ARE a work of art and you don’t need to scream it from the mountaintops.

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