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Buzzkill: 3D movie edition

Recently, 3-D movies have overtaken theaters, becoming more common than Nicholas Sparks adaptations, and somehow, also more annoying.
Saying I’m annoyed by 3-D movies seems as un-American as hating baseball and apple pie. If that’s the case, then so be it.
While some movies with 3-D are amazing, such as “Avatar,” I won’t shell out $12 to go see a movie with piranhas jumping out at me. I’m a big supporter of using 3-D to make a movie more visually appealing, to give it an added layer of excellence, whimsy and otherworldliness that might otherwise not be achieved.
However, to develop a movie for the sole purpose of having things jump out at an audience is pointless.
Adding on to the already high number of awful summer movies, some filmmakers think having piranhas attack the audience through 3-D makes it better. It doesn’t. In fact, it makes things worse by highlighting how terrible the movie is when the worst aspects are literally thrown in the faces of the audience.
I love a bad movie as much as the next person, but I’m not paying double the price, just because it looks cool. 
Lightning bolts, river rapids, powerful storms and … are we flying? These are just a few of the sights and sounds people have been flocking to the theaters to experience. 
3-D movies have recently made an overwhelming comeback with the introduction of “Avatar” and “Alice and Wonderland.” And why not? It’s no secret that movie prices have been steadily increasing, and many poor college students are succumbing to the world of Netflix, Hulu and bird watching (don’t judge) for cheaper forms of entertainment. 
The only pull theaters can offer is showing a movie on a bigger screen and those little slushy things that give you a brain freeze. Who wants to pay for that when you have so many other expenses to keep up with, like your shot glass collection?
3-D movies take the viewer through an exciting landscape of colors and sounds and attempts to bring the action to life. Movie producers recognize this newer generation’s near-carnal hunger for the new, different and stimulating. With every other industry working so hard to overstimulate the masses, 3-D movies are no different, and who doesn’t enjoy paying more money to stimulate?
It can’t be denied that when you throw in some new technology and some kick-butt Buddy Holly glasses, I’d say you’ve got yourself a sweet movie deal.
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