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Clothes Girls Wear

My winter break was mostly spent held-up in my bed with a cold.  The plus side of this was being able to spend hours catching up on my missed TV shows.  Not surprisingly, on top of my catch-up list was HBO’s breakout series “Girls.”  And trust me – this show is worth the buzz it’s been receiving.

As a fashion major, I can appreciate the looks shown on “Girls,” but their style speaks to any audience. Where “Sex and the City” created a high-end designer-driven fantasy, “Girls” strives above all else for authenticity.

Hannah, the main character of the show, wears mix-and-match outfits that give off a vintage and thrift store feeling. She’s less concerned with things looking good on her and more concerned with things being funny or interesting (like her signature colored tights).

Marnie, her roommate, is the complete opposite.  She is well put-together, wearing structured sheath dresses and favoring sleek pony-tails (maybe this is because she is the only one with a real job).

Shoshanna, a quirky NYU student, is someone who has every magazine and uses every fashion rule together at once (don’t do this, ladies).  But in typical student style, she also likes her Juicy tracksuits and comfy clothing.

Finally, there’s Shoshanna’s cousin, Jessa, a girl with an innately cool sense of style whose confidence can veer into the crazily inappropriate (I personally give her props for her fashion risks).  Together, the foursome rocks their distinctive styles with ease.

You can even give your nails the “Girls” treatment now.  Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann created four nail polishes named and inspired by each of the characters.  So, are you a Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna or Jessa?

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