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comic watch: Thor and The God Butcher

Comic books have broken into the mainstream, with films and TV shows constantly being adapted from them. With comics no longer for a niche audience, it makes sense to know which comics are worth reading. This is Comic Watch: your personal guide to the world of comics.
With “Thor: The Dark World” releasing in theaters, some moviegoers might want to know what comics featuring the blond-haired thunder god to look into.
The two “Thor” films draw heavily from the comics of the 60s through the 80s, focusing on Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster, his time on Earth and his fight with foes like Loki, the Destroyer and the Dark Elves (the new film’s villains). But the last few decades have failed to produce any memorable stories for our favorite hero with a hammer. Luckily, a recent comic run in “Thor: God of Thunder” called “The God Butcher” is not only a great jumping-on point for new readers, but easily one of the best “Thor” comics ever made.
The story is spread over three different time periods, with a brash, teenage Thor during the Viking era, the modern day Thor of the Avengers and a future Thor who is both the king and sole occupant of Asgard. In all three periods he comes across Gorr, an alien with a powerful weapon that allows him to actually kill gods.
Gorr has a personal vendetta against all deities, slaughtering entire pantheons across the cosmos in serial-killer fashion. This set of comics has an engaging storyline that brilliantly explores Thor’s character through the ages. The action is brutal, the villain is compelling and the artwork is breathtaking, like something out of a storybook illustration. By exploring Thor’s godhood as well as his innate humanity, “The God Butcher” acts as a powerful Thor story that’s perfect for film fans looking for a great read.

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