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The Sprout: Comm professor surprise casting in reality show*

Associate Chairperson of the Department of Communication, Professor Sara Netzley has recently been accepted into the cast of Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen Network.

“We thought this was a great opportunity to get Bradley’s name out there,” said Dean Jeffery Huberman of the Slane College of Communication and Fine Arts. “Plus, it’s a free trip for her to Florida, so, I don’t know, what’s the worst that can happen?”

The ninth season of Bad Girls Club began shooting in Key West, Fla., where all of the girls will be living in a mansion. There, Netzley will be joined by women known only by their first names, such as “Leela,” a violent bartender and “Kayla,” a narcissistic model.

Netzley said she is still a little confused as to why she was cast on the show.

“I haven’t really seen the show before,” she said. “I spend a lot of time watching cat videos on YouTube. Have you seen the one where the cat jumps out of the box? We’ll pull it up if this interview doesn’t take too long.”

Although the new season will not be airing until next spring, shooting has already begun and Netzley has run into some problems with the other girls.

“It was a Friday night and I figured I’d do some knitting and watch some Firefly on Netflix,” she said. “Next thing I knew Shair’ise [Sarah Leeland] was throwing margarita mix at me and yelling about how I was a hater. It was, uh, too much.”

Leeland said that she had a considerably different take on the story.

“That [expletive] [expletive] [expletive] was talking to Cinnamon about the other night,” she said. “Now that’s some disrespect. And you know I don’t [expletive] with no [expletive] disrespect.”

The announcement of Netzley’s casting was met with some skepticism from some fans of the show. Where the show usually focuses on women with behavioral issues, the casting of a reportedly mild mannered Bradley professor was generally considered to be out of form for the show.

Senior health sciences major David Webb has seen every episode and is expert on BGC.

“I just got Bad Girls Club Scene It and I need someone to play me,” he said.  “Seriously, I need a friend.”

Creator and Executive Producer Jonathan Murray had some opinions on the casting of Netzley.

“We think Sara’s casting brings a whole new dimension to BGC,” he said. “She’s sassy, she enjoys cats, she understands how to waste tons of time while people are watching, she’s perfect.”

Netzley is disappointed she’ll miss the beginning of the next semester but she thinks it will be worth it.

“I’ll miss the students and, of course, the Peoria musk we’ve all grown accustomed to,” she said.  “I just hope they enjoy virgin mojitos!”

*The Sprout is the Scout’s April Fool’s day edition. The stories and quotes are made up, and most of the photos are doctored and/or fake.

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