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Commercials Score at Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVII was a game to remember, but as always the commercials were just as talked about as the game. While the Ravens and the 49ers went head to head on the football field, popular brands like Budweiser, Doritos, Go Daddy and Samsung battled for the title of best TV spot. 

The Budweiser spot about a man and his Clydesdale tugged at the heartstrings of many a viewer, as did the serious slideshow of images that came with Paul Harvey’s “Farmer” spot promoting Ram Trucks. But that wasn’t the only car with a memorable commercial.

Kia Sorento showed us the planet where babies come from, a teen kissed the Prom Queen in his new Audi and Willem Dafoe nearly exchanged a soul for a Mercedes Benz.

Then again, other spots showed people will do anything for certain products.  A man will take down a cheetah for Skechers, best friends will dress in drag for Doritos and Dwayne Johnson will ignore the apocalypse for milk. All of those pale in comparison, however, to the lengths certain parties will go to reach a giant bottle of Coke in the desert.

Go Daddy had some standout spots this year, with a creepy commercial about a nerd and supermodel making out. Their other spot, with various families saying their ideas were original, was a lot funnier and had a better punch line.

Celebrities didn’t shy away from spots, with Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd giving it their all for Best Buy and Samsung. Their humor shined through, but ultimately it was a group of senior citizens partying it up for Taco Bell that scored one of the funniest spots of the night.

The lights may have gone out at the Super Bowl, but at least the commercials lit up smiles on many viewers’ faces.

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