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If you’re reading this, it means that you’ve been nominated. You have 24-hours to get it done, and you better make it interesting.

Yes, bartender? I’ll take my Bloody Mary with a side of uncooked eggs.

This is essentially how the new drinking game NekNominate works. It’s spreading across the web, and it’s becoming a problem.

The premise of the game is to drink an entire pint of beer (generally) in one gulp, and then nominate another person to do the same.

Sounds bad enough, right? Well, this game is turning into is a series of one-upping.

Participants are now taking their beverages of choice to new extremes rather than just sticking with beer. The mixing of stronger alcohols is now common, as well as doing these challenges in worse conditions.

So what’s a worse condition?

One person drank a mix of cider, urine and a side of live goldfish. Another challenge mixed together hard liquor, crickets and four dead mice in a blender. Comparatively, this makes the people downing entire handles of hard liquor seem pretty weak on the “bad-ass” drinking scale.

When I said this is becoming problematic, I didn’t mean that it’s because this is just another bout of stupidity mixed with alcohol. It’s because people are actually dying from this.

CNN reported on Wednesday that at least five people have died thus far after drinking these sickening concoctions of every alcohol.

It’s hard to try to police these kinds of social media drinking games, and drawing negative attention can make things worse. Even so, a little common sense can go a long way.

While this seems to be a larger problem in the UK, there are still “nominations” happening here in the States.

Drinking games like your typical beer pong and flippy cup haven’t taken any kind of a popularity hit due to this new trend.

Both of these classics have a competitive edge and an actual purpose to them, the same way a relay or an actual sport does.

Drinking your weight in liquor and dead mice does not.

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