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Deschanel brings fun, flirt to “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel is one of oday’s most-beloved up-and-coming actresses, having starred in well-known films such as “Elf,” “Yes Man,” “(500) Days of Summer” and “Our Idiot Brother.” She is an extremely talented actress from a showbiz family.

It’s rare that a star as talented as Deschanel made the move to star in her own television series. Even less frequently do you actually see the show succeed. FOX hasn’t had much success producing non-animated comedies, and bringing in a big-name talent like Deschanel is a smart move by FOX. The network released the pilot episode a week early on iTunes in hopes that Deschanel fans will check it out and fall in love.

Deschanel dives into the role of Jess Day with an attempt to surprise her boyfriend by stripping naked in their apartment. Her spontaneity backfires as Jess is surprised to see that he had plans of his own for the night with another woman.

As a result, Jess responds to a Craigslist ad for a roommate. To her surprise, she discovers her potential roommate is actually three single guys in their 20s. Undaunted, she stays true to her character and makes the move.

Deschanel goes through a world of emotions with Jess. Her depression over her recent break up is somewhat eased through watching “Dirty Dancing” at least six or seven times a day. Her roommates force an intervention and take Jess out with them to find a rebound. Deschanel plays awkward well, using the pick up line “Hey, sailor” at the bar, which of course fails.

Deschanel is funny, quirky, dorky and adorable, which works perfectly in this show.

This new series is replaying romantic comedy storylines that have been seen before, and absolutely relies on Deschanel’s charm for its success. Deschanel told “Entertainment Weekly” she knew this part was for her as she saw so much of herself in Jess Day.

“I grew up the type of person where I always thought I was being normal and everybody else would think I was being weird all the time,” she said. “I like that [Jess] is completely herself and unabashedly emotional, but not in an obnoxious way. She means well but she just messes up sometimes.”

This new series is a fun escape, especially those who loved “No Strings Attached.” After all, Elizabeth Meriwether, the screenwriter for the film, is the creator of New Girl and brings just as much hilarity, flirt and fun into this new show as she did in the movie.

Watch New Girl on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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