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Flashback Friday: The Fray

Disappointment has in fact set in, and I’ve decided it’s time to accept what we’re getting.

Although I can’t change that The Fray is headlining my last semester at Bradley, I can come to terms with how hard I plan to rock out when the teenager in me sings alongside this outdated band as “How to Save a Life” blares through the Coliseum.

It’s possible that this show will be a giant blast.

What I do hope is that the band shies away from their newest work. Their latest album “Helios” was released earlier this year and has little to rave about.

There are two worthwhile tracks, “Hold my Hand” and “Love Don’t Die,” which leads The Fray into a new twist and reinvention on their typical style.

These tracks are what you would and should expect of a radio hit that will sit on the airwaves for a couple weeks. The overall album will lack any spark to keep the band’s fire going for much longer.

Other songs like “Give it Away” and “Keep on Waiting” are just recycled pop. It’s hard to say if these tracks exude any real talent.

They’re catchy and lively, but lack any real passion that we saw on “How to Save a Life”. That was the Grammy-winning performance that warms our nostalgic hearts and keeps students hopeful for a good show.

For this reason, the band should stick to their old stuff and it will be a successful concert. If The Fray can remember to sing hits like “Look Over You” or “Over my Head (Cable Car),” then maybe the bitterness will leave our minds for a couple of hours.

I encourage every student to attend the show and embrace what this band has to offer. Let’s just ignore that The Plain White T’s are going to be there at all.

As they say, hope for the best, but look forward to whatever Brave Sounds will bring in the future.

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