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From the Couch: “American Idol”

When certain television shows start to taper off, directors and producers bring in new faces to revitalize a tired plot and a worn-out cast.

However, “American Idol” is not just any tired television show. It quickly became the most popular show on television ten years ago and is now one of the longest-running reality series. When the judges started shuffling around and the structure began changing, people wondered if this was a risky move.

Most members of a dedicated television audience like “Idol” are a fickle bunch and have grown accustomed to the jabs from Simon Cowell and the painful-to-watch Paula Abdul. This train wreck of a good time is fun to watch and hard to replace, so it’s natural to assume the producers would catch some odd glances for their new choice of judges.

Jennifer Lopez, formerly famous for her Latino looks and obnoxious, jealousy-provoking derriere, will now grace the presence of millions of audience members while sipping from her Coca-Cola cup. Joining her will be Steven Tyler, formerly famous for Aerosmith, his girlish looks and obnoxiously non-existent derriere.

With the exception of the new judges, not much else has changed. There are still the same lame contestants who think they have been given the gift of song and the emotional side stories to give a good tug on our heartstrings. The progression of the show has been interesting to watch, as many contestants have now grown up with the show and dreamed they could be a part of it.

Randy Jackson is the only returning judge and has taken on the role of “bad guy” now that Simon has left, providing harsher feedback than in past seasons. And of course, there is still the lovable host Ryan Seacrest, as metrosexual and tan as ever.

So what does this new lineup mean for the future of the show?

Paula Abdul’s comments that contributed little to the musicality of the show are hardly missed. However, I think Simon has embodied what makes an Idol judge, and that is hard to replicate.

Love him or hate him, he knew his stuff and it will be interesting to see if Jenny from the Block and Tyler can live up to this.

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