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Give a better gift this year

Flowers are not eco-friendly, chocolate is decent but calorie laden and giant teddy bears are just tired. This Valentine’s Day, step outside the boring Hallmark box and try one of these Voice (and female) approved gifts instead.


For the Music-Obsessed Couple:

This sounds intense, but depending on where you live, there are various festivals that are pretty affordable, especially if you get one day tickets. Pitchfork, Chicago, one of the Midwest’s coolest festivals, has one day tickets for only $50.00 a piece. Slip the ticket into the vinyl copy of your partner’s favorite albums over dessert, and you’ll be set until the next greeting card holiday.


For the Foodie Couple:

It would be easy to just go out to a really nice dinner and call it a day, but we don’t do boring here at Voice. Turn your Valentine’s date into a fun and memorable experience by becoming the chefs for the night. Williams Sonoma sells DIY cheese making kits for around $30.00 online. Even if your cheese doesn’t come out so hot, you’ll have a great time making it and making memories together. For the adventurous palate, be sure to add mussels to the dinner menu. A natural aphrodisiac, these shellfish can be purchased at The Fresh Market and are best served steamed, but don’t be afraid to get creative!


For the Movie Buffs:

So while going to see a movie might be a date night snooze fest, for you it may actually be a great date. But let’s think bigger here. The point of Valentine’s Day is to be annoyingly cheesy, because it’s the only time you can get away with it. Recreate a romantic scene from your partner’s favorite film, complete with props and costumes. This will vary depending on the movie, but the local dollar store usually sells enough odds and ends to create any scene, with a little creativity. Just please, don’t lie in the street like “The Notebook.” That’s just dangerous. Stick to legal scenes, and please, don’t make next week’s police reports by taking this one too far. I’m talking to you, mister “I was hanging out the window to recreate Spiderman.”


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