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Grand Theft Auto Release

Yoga, lap dances, scuba diving, weed, murder and golf. What more could you want from the new Grand Theft Auto V?

Anxious and excited gamers lined up Monday night to get their copy of Rockstar Games’s GTA5, which was released Sept. 17 at midnight.

“I went at midnight to Gamespot in Northwoods Mall, and there were about 200 people waiting in line,” freshman undecided business major Kaan Akkaya said.

Set in Southern California, the new addition to the line of video games follows the same general concept as its predecessors: climbing the criminal ladder.

The gameplay has significantly improved. Increased driving control, better auto aim and mission checkpointing guarantees that you won’t have to do all those tedious tasks you already completed, even if you do fail a mission six times.

There are so many details and realistic features in GTA5 that you might not even know it’s a game, except for the fact that you can organize and execute large scale

robberies and murders. The game tries to replicate reality by creating fake features such as LifeInvader (Facebook), Fruit (Apple), Bleeter (Twitter) and even “Chains of Intimacy” (“Fifty Shades of Grey”).

Grand Theft Auto V allows the player to use one of three characters: Franklin, Michael or Trevor, each of which have their own unique backstory and skills.

While most video games are based on mastering repetitive tasks, Grand Theft Auto V allows the gamer to explore a new world of variety. Players can make choices for their character based on their strengths and desires.

Just as with the previous games, GTA5 is not short on violence or sex. Gamers have the ability to kill cops, hire and kill prostitutes, buy drugs and go to strip clubs, earning its “M” for Mature rating.

Freshman  international business major James Beiderbecke said he recognizes the violence, but says it should not be of concern.

“If you have a good head on your shoulders and are responsible, the violence shouldn’t negatively affect you,” Beiderbecke said.

If players keep in mind that what they’re playing is just a game, then GTA5 should deliver on all accounts.

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