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Hallow-woke costumes

If youre still on the hunt for a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further. If youve already chosen yours, then keep an eye out for these costumes this weekend youre likely to see at least one recognizably 2017 get-up. From ridiculous to terrifying, this past year in pop culture has provided us Halloween-goers plenty of figures to imitate this Halloween go-around. Also, all of these options are fairly easy to DIY if youre cheap, like me. Happy costuming.


1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Though itll be quite a challenge to perfectly recreate Bill Skarsgrds horrifyingly ugly clown from this years movie, It, you can definitely attempt it. Top the costume off with a couple red balloons to pass out, and youll be sure to terrify everyone out of the crowded, sweaty frat house basements this year.

What youll need: a ruffled white clown costume (or just all white clothing), white makeup/face paint, an orange wig, yellow false teeth, a high-pitched, raspy voice and a creepy dance.


2. Your favorite Stranger Things character

OK, the show may have aired last year, but Stranger Things has not lost its fanbase or popularity since then in fact, its second season dropped on Netflix today. From Eleven to Nancy Wheeler or heck, even the Demagorgon, if youre ambitious enough Stranger Things has plenty of unique characters you can dress up as this Halloween. The most popular character to duplicate this year is Eleven you can find her full costume at your local Spirit Halloween store or you can search Goodwill for the cheapest necessary materials.

What youll need for Eleven: tattered hospital gown, blood dripping from nose, Eggos waffle box

What youll need for Eleanor (Mikes pseudo-cousin from Sweden): a light pink dress with a white collar, a platinum-blonde wig, long, white socks and a serious, permanently-silent mean mug.


3. Your favorite Riverdale character

With Riverdale back for its second season this fall, the Bulldogs have returned to our screens for some much-needed Halloween inspiration. Youve got costume options from Jughead, the brooding heartthrob, to Betty Cooper, the high-ponytailed, preppy and sweet queen of the show (or Dark Betty, if you want to take the spooky route).

What youll need for Jughead: a black beanie, a black tee, a fur-trimmed jean jacket and a permanent scowl with an occasional sideways smirk.

What youll need for Normal Betty: medium-wash jeans, a white, collared long-sleeve shirt, a tight sweater to go over it and a blonde wig pulled into a tight ponytail (higher than her mother, Alice Coopers, list of rules).

What youll need for Dark Betty: a short, black wig with blunt-cut bangs, a lacy-black bra/bustier, a clingy black skirt, a black choker and pointy black heels perfect for drowning douchebags in hot tubs.


4. You know I had to do it to em guy

If youre a fan of memes, youve probably seen the infinitely-made-fun-of photo of a young, seemingly upper-class white guy wearing all light-pink attire, clasping his hands with the caption You know I had to do it to em, who is, apparently, standing there doing nothing. The photo has spread like wildfire over the last year for whatever reason, mainly on Twitter, because it is so ridiculously un-intimidating despite the caption. This is probably one of the most easy-to-DIY costumes ever, so go for it.

What youll need: a button-up, collared shirt rolled up to the elbows, Bermuda frat-boy-esque shorts, a brown belt, a gold watch, brown moccasins, feet placed shoulder-width apart, tightly clasped hands and a distinct crew-sock tan near your feet (or white makeup to make it appear so)


5. Post Malone

This is, arguably, my personal favorite of the bunch. Over the last year, Post Malone has grown to become an American icon of our generation for his quirky, loveable personality as well as his laidback rap jams. He also has a distinct appearance, with his unique facial hair, long locks and strangely shaved eyebrows (no offense; ILY Post). Im expecting to see plenty of people both male and female dressed up as our favorite unproblematic rapper, and hopefully, your night wont fall apart like him.

What youll need: a long, baggy t-shirt, a flannel, black or dark skinny jeans, lusciously messy brown locks, brown eyeliner (for faux-facial hair if you dont already possess any) and a cancer stick (fake or real).

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