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“How I Met Your Mother” still a hilarious mystery

It seems aggravating at this point that “How I Met Your Mother” has yet to reveal who Ted Mosby’s future wife is. I’d probably call this out if it weren’t for the show’s inexplicable charm and infectious sense of humor.

Now that the show’s eighth season is finally here, I remember that its greatest strength is not only making the characters funny but deeply flawed and human as well.

In the season opener “Farhampton,” Marshall and Lily experience the first pains of parenthood while Quinn asks Robin to be a bridesmaid at her and Barney’s wedding, unaware that he and Robin used to date. Meanwhile, Ted helps Victoria write a note for her fiancé Klaus after she left him at the altar for Ted.

The episode does a great job of picking up after the last season’s cliffhanger. Barney takes steps to make sure Quinn never finds out about his past with Robin, and in the process delivers a hilarious rant that sums up the entire series thus far. Marshall and Lily also get some great jokes as the strain of their baby starts getting to them, but the real heart of the premiere comes with Ted’s story.

As Ted helps Victoria with her note, he receives some advice that echoes throughout the episode’s multiple story threads, culminating in several heartfelt moments for the characters and a whopper of an ending that’ll keep viewers hooked all season long.

Then again, this is “How I Met Your Mother” we’re talking about. After seven seasons of getting to know these characters, people will be hooked regardless. It’s just good to know the show is still giving us a reason to care for these characters instead of collapsing into a series of stale jokes.


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