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Jared Bartman Comes to Peoria Art Center

Brace yourselves, Peoria: Jared Bartman is coming. A local Peoria songwriter who has gone on to form his own band, Jared is coming back to his hometown April 26 for a show at the Peoria Contemporary Art Center. Jared will be playing with his band at the Center’s Live at the Five Spot series, previewing songs from his next album.

One needs only to listen to Jared to know how passionate and energetic he is about his music. A natural on the guitar, Jared’s lyrics and acoustics mix in perfect harmony, creating the perfect tune for all you indie folk lovers out there.

His 2009 album “Jersey Shore” displays his talent perfectly, with tracks such as “Guillotine King” conveying his energetic talent while others like “Jersey Shore” and “Sob Story” project a calmer, softer side.

The band We Are the Willows will open the show in April. Hailing from Minneapolis, We Are the Willows makes indie folk music, and like Jared Bartman offers harmonious acoustics that will soothe the souls of all lovers of the genre.

Their songs, including “A Funeral Dressed As a Birthday,” reveal a talented band who also excels at using acoustics to tug on the heart strings of listeners. Both of these up-and-coming bands are truly passionate about their music, and anyone listening will get caught up in their unique melodies and moving lyrics.

Jared Bartman and We Are The Willows’ show will be 5:30-7:30 p.m. April 26 at the Peoria Contemporary Art Center. Tickets are $7 for members and $10 for nonmembers. Be sure to save the date to witness this fellow Peorian show off his musical talent to the world.

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