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Keeping it Classy for the Cold to Come

Our clocks have turned back an hour, but we can’t turn the hands of time too far back. Whether we like it or not, autumn is upon us, and the winter season will be soon to follow. That means put away the short-shorts and miniskirts, ladies. To prepare for the chilly days and long nights ahead, I’ve come up with a few ways to stay warm and toasty while still looking your very best.
With the help of some fashionable students here on campus, I’ve come up with a few classy alternatives to the average hoodie, sweatpants and boots epidemic that has fallen upon our university both for girls and guys.
Taking inspirations from icons like Bettie Page and Michael Bublé, an upcoming trend among students of the chic perspective involves sleek lines with crisp colors and unique personal touches to make a look your very own. Comfort is definitely a key component to getting through those freezing all-nighters.

Lorelei Volpe, a sophomore business management and administration major, said that her favorite outfit is an “oversized sweater with leggings and my Doc Martin combat boots.”
With a little bit of spunk in your step, something as simple as a sweater and leggings can take a seemingly lazy style and turn it into your own dressy style. It’s all about finding what works for you, since fashion itself is dynamic and varies from person to person.
Transitioning over to another viewpoint, it’s time for the boys to step into the fashion spotlight. Now, I know that days of cramming and studying get rough, and it may become harder to focus on something as irrelevant as clothing. With that in mind, everybody’s in the same boat, and for that reason, I feel that everyone deserves a chance to dress for success, no matter how lousy the weather may get.
Bringing a sense of pride to one’s ensemble can surely help lift up one’s spirits, and Alex Schmig, a sophomore music and interactive media major, was just the positive guy I knew that could emphasize that statement.
From an extensive description of the perfect winter outfit, including a “blue/mint-striped tie with silver tie clip and black velvet sports coat,” I came to the conclusion that color isn’t what’s emphasized during this season. As long as you wear enough structured items to bulk up, you’ll have enough color on your faces from the frigid breezes to make up for it.
Remember Bradley: Stay warm, and stay classy!

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