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As if classes weren’t already boring me to tears at the end of this semester, seeing the lineup for Lollapalooza 2009 just got me wishing for summer all the more. 
Now that I know Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg and Beastie Boys will all be playing the same venue in Chicago come August, I can’t help but get excited for it. Here are some other main acts you definitely don’t want to miss.
Depeche Mode 
’80s synth poppers Depeche Mode haven’t stopped yet. The band’s 12th studio album, “Sounds of the Universe” was released Tuesday, giving fans yet another disc as well versed and entertaining as its predecessors. 
With the distinction of headliner this year, it looks as if Depeche Mode just can’t get enough.
Since the release and ultimate success of 2006’s “10,000 Days,” fans have awaited a comeback by Tool. 
Another headliner this year, Tool surrounds fans in its dark and ominous, yet satisfying sound at Grant Park again.
The Killers 
Headlining alongside Depeche Mode and Tool, The Killers bring its ’70s glam- inspired anthems to the Lolla stage. Here’s hoping the set list includes most of its intro album “Hot Fuss” and 2008’s “Day & Age.”
Vampire Weekend 
Columbia University grads Vampire Weekend bring the catchiest of sounds to Grant Park this summer. Growing faster in popularity than they can keep up with, the band’s irresistible melodies have lived up to the hype. Perfect music to end the summer.
The Decemberists
If you’re looking to branch out a little during your weekend in Chicago, go see this band. They put on a high-energy show that is hard to forget.
Animal Collective
First on my must-see list for that weekend, Animal Collective is just plain amazing. 
Though its latest, “Merriweather Post Pavilion” is its most accessible to listeners, hopefully the band will toss a few from “Strawberry Jam” and “Sung Tongs” into the set list.
Rise Against
Almost a week after its tour with Rancid ends, Chicago’s Rise Against returns home for an appearance at Grant Park. Though avid PETA members and political activists, Rise Against doesn’t let lyrics overshadow the real music.
Dan Deacon
I saw this guy’s show once, and it can only be described as the biggest, craziest dance party you could think of. 
Deacon was in the pit, with the crowd completely surrounding him and his computer almost 6 feet above. 
Possibly the most fun (and grossly sweaty) small-venue show I’ve been to, Deacon is sure to entertain at Lolla this summer.
Peter Bjorn and John
Hailing from Sweden, these indie-poppers are sure to entertain the masses at this summer’s festival. PB&J’s earlier efforts, “Falling Out” and “Writer’s Block,” will hopefully comprise most of the show’s playlist, but don’t be surprised to hear a little from 2009’s “Living Thing.”
Fleet Foxes 
Brand new to the scene as of last year, the members of Fleet Foxes have managed to make a name for themselves by turning out some really solid music. 
The band’s self-titled is a continuous flow of complete melodic creativity. Definitely worth seeing live.
If you’re into noise rock or post-punk of any kind, Deerhunter should be on your must-see list at Lolla. 
Before going, listen to “Cryptograms” and “Microcastle.” Also, look for the new LP, “Rainwater Cassette Exchange,” due out in May.
Arctic Monkeys
Euro-rockers Arctic Monkeys will put on one of the best shows the weekend of the 7th, hands down. A bit of post-punk sound, four charming blokes from England and an outstanding performance? Sign me up.
I’d also go see some of the lesser-known bands, such as Hercules and Love Affair and Cage the Elephant. The best thing about this year’s lineup is the variety of bands with completely different sounds and the ample amount of talent that comes with.
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