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Netflix dropping ‘HIMYM’ anything but legen (wait for it) dary

It was a chilly October night, and all I wanted to do was snuggle up in my bed and watch some Netflix. I grabbed my laptop and immediately searched for my go-to show, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). As I was trying to decide which episode to re-watch, a few words under the title caught my eye:

This show is available until November 13th.

It was is the dreaded phrase absolutely no Netflix user ever wants to see labeled on their favorite TV show. Although Ive heard of others becoming victims to this scenario, I never imagined the day it would happen to my show.

I was in complete and total denial. In no world could I imagine my life without Barney Stinsons playbook, Ted Mosbys endless search for the yellow umbrella, Slapsgiving or the slutty pumpkin.

A couple of years ago, if you were to complain to me about Netflix taking off a show, I would have rolled my eyes at you. I never understood how people could watch Netflix episodes for hours on end and become such dedicated fans to a TV show.

That was before I began watching HIMYM.

But during my senior year of high school, I began watching a few episodes of the series just for the heck of it. A few months later, I found myself nine seasons deep into the series, evolving into an absolute die-hard fan.

I wasnt the only one who was filled with devastation and despair; in fact, the fandom tweeted ruthlessly at Netflix (including myself).

A fellow Bradley student, sophomore elementary education major Sarah Schwartz, tweeted: highly considering writing an angry letter to netflix yelling at them for taking how I met your mother away

The show is like no other it has brought me many laughs, while teaching me various life lessons along the way.

Ted showed us good things come with time, as he waited nine years to find the love of his life. Barney reminded us to make sure we had fun in our adult lives, even with all the stress and responsibilities we tackle.

Lily and Marshall taught us even soulmates face hardships in their relationships. And Robin showed us when life throws us curve balls, we have to roll with the punches and keep our heads high.

Since its first episode, HIMYM has taken hold of the hearts of thousands of fans across the country with bizarre scenarios, relatable characters and, of course, Ted Mosbys quest for true love.

And the heartbreak of a favorite show being removed from Netflix isnt particular to HIMYM. My heart also aches for those who have had to kiss goodbye 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill and many more those are just from October of this year, too.

Whats most painful about the removal of these TV shows is how Netflix made them so easily accessible to viewers. With Netflix, we dont have to worry about trying to find full DVD sets of our favorite shows for an insane price. Not to mention, the trouble of dusting off our old DVD player from the basement. We are able to easily stream our favorite shows on our mobile devices with the click of a button.

Since Netflix boasts some of the cheapest monthly rates for their streaming services, they know theyve got plenty of loyal customers that people will eventually find a new show to watch when their favorites are removed. But knowing all this doesnt make the elimination of my favorite shows hurt any less.

Even though I am still heartbroken, I am going to embrace every last day I have to endlessly stream HIMYM on Netflix. If you dont see me on campus for the next week, its because Ill be suiting up to binge-watch all 208 episodes of HIMYM as one final, hard goodbye.

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