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Why go to the movie theater for your Halloween horror fix when anyone with access to a Netflix account can find these great screams at home? Here are some horror ‘flix worth checking out.
Remember the good old days of VHS? There was a time stamp in the corner of every home-made video, and the camera was always a bit shaky. When renting an actual film on a Friday night, it took a two hour visit in Blockbuster to pick out just one good movie. This horror movie taps right into the nostalgic VHS days. The story starts off with a group of fraternity brothers searching for one specific tape, but in the process, they uncover tons of terrifying home-made flicks. With many different plots on the tapes, this film makes for a perfect blend of scares that will chill everyone to the bone. This isn’t your typical murder flick, but it’s still creepy enough to add to your Halloween list.
The classics never fail. Who doesn’t love a horror movie that actually pokes fun at the scary movie industry? Throw together a cast of curious high school kids, gory stabbing scenes and cliché parties, and you have Wes Craven’s perfect 90s satire. The scream mask is still terrifying, and you’ll want to help the characters figure out the next cliché step in the story as much as they do. This film is worth adding a stream to your Netflix queue.
The Cabin in the Woods
Ever feel like you’re being watched? When five friends travel into the woods to visit Curt’s cabin, they find themselves under the microscope. A group of scientists are watching from behind the scenes and begin to dictate the friend’s summer vacation by creating classic horror flick moments. Once the cellar door opens, it all begins. This is a dangerously smart take on the slasher genre and is available on Netflix just in time for Halloween.
Grave Encounters I & II
Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters are comically some of the greatest shows on TV. This Canadian flick takes a cast and crew very similar to one of these shows and gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the production of a ghost investigation. The crew enters an old, abandoned insane asylum and find themselves in an actual haunting. This creative plot leaves you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. With the trend of real-life scary movies (hand-held camera style) it’s hard to forget that it’s just a movie. You will definitely sleep with the lights on after this Netflix gem.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Let the Right One in, Children of the Corn, Evil Dead, Rosemary’s Baby and Carrie

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