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One day brings a new brand of British romance

Based on the international best seller by David Nicholls, “One Day,” a romantic drama starring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway, proves opposites can attract.

“One Day” is an extraordinary film with a heart -wrenching love story and great depth of detail.

The film takes place in London, where Anne Hathaway, as Emma, shows her talent as she successfully pulls off a British accent alongside native Brit, Jim Sturgess, who plays Dexter. The date is July 15, 1888, St. Swithin’s Day. Emma and Dexter are celebrating their graduation from Glasgow University.

The two couldn’t be more different from each other. Dexter comes from a wealthy background, is over confident, and loves women. He knows what he wants and more or less attains it: more fortune, more women and fame. Emma doesn’t have a lot of money, struggles with confidence and has trouble with dating. After their graduation, the two become best friends who seemingly can’t exist without the other as they depend on one another to balance out their own weaknesses.

Their relationship evolves over the years, but it is not without struggles. At one point, their struggles are so great that they spend some time apart. It’s at this moment in the movie when you’ll wonder when, how, and if they will ever reunite.

It’s easy to care about them as the two actors have great chemistry on screen. Two decades pass as you watch this beautiful story unfold, and although you learn so much about these characters, you still want to know more. The film is further enhanced by its location. Following Emma and Dexter throughout Europe is a visual holiday.

This is much more than a typical love story. The depth and reality of Emma and Dexter’s story makes you believe in their relationship as you see it unfold with all its beauty and pain

Danish born director Lone Sherfig would agree, stating in an interview, “You don’t see the events you normally see on film. But things that are dramatic without really realizing. That’s a great quality.”

It is impossible not to become involved in the character’s lives. You will empathize with them in times of joy and in sorrow. You will follow Emma and Dexter on their paths to finding themselves and in the midst of it all, you might find new insight on your own.

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