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Call it a bad case of senioritis or a tinge of seasonal depression, but I am just over February and everything about it. I’m so bored with pop culture in general and, unfortunately, music is included in that feeling.
I was looking for a new artist to review this week, and I found myself largely bored out of my mind. I pride myself on appreciating all music and trying out every genre, but really? Everything seems to be over-produced, lacking passion and just plain boring.
I’m not denying the musical talent of a good shoegaze indie rock band but come on, I don’t need any more music to fall asleep with. The Postal Service is coming back and that’s enough. I’m also not asking for arena rock, either. All I want is some cool music that doesn’t put me to sleep and has a little drama and excitement. Something to raise my heartbeat. That’s all. My standards for a boyfriend candidate are higher than that and I like music more than guys most of the time, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be met. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be certain.
So thank heavens for the “Pretty Little Liars” music director. Consider me saved, consider me happy. Consider me a new fan of MS MR.
MS MR is composed of artists Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow, New Yorkers with a Tumblr addiction and a love for music that’s evident in their genre-bending sound. MS MR is a chillwave experiment in soulful vocals, doom and gloom lyrics and a sprinkle of addicting trip-hop hooks. Whether you want something to zone out to or a record to dissect, MS MR’s  “Candy Bar Creep Show” album is just what the doctor ordered. Turn this one up in your headphones, close your eyes and find your inner bliss with Plapinger’s vocals as your guide.
Upon first listen, MS MR could easily be compared to Florence and the Machine or Lana Del Rey, mimicking the Flo’s penchant for the dramatic drums and Lana’s addiction to the sensual retro vocal hook. However, listen a bit closer and MS MR has obviously started something all their own. I think it’s fair to say these two are going to be the poster children of chillwave; fairly consumer friendly, unassuming and above all, focused only on their craft. Unlike Lana Del Rey, you won’t find Plapinger or Hershenow plastered on their album, nor will you find much of a bio on either.
The result of their focus is clear on dynamite tracks like “Hurricane.” It features heavy trip hop and funk elements and Plapinger holds back her vocals until just the right second, building the same anticipation of a coming storm. The lyrics are dark and gloomy, but the song itself is catchy and even tempts the foot tap.
If you’re looking for drama and theatrics to the max, “Bones” is a must listen. Expect heavy percussion rips, downright creepy lyrics and vocals, and a whole orchestra of strings to drag you down into whatever creepy universe MS MR wrote this in. That, or a messed up episode of “Pretty Little Liars” it’s featured on.
Unfortunately “Candy Bar Creep Show” is only four songs long, and that has to be my only real complaint. Every song holds it’s own and could easily be a single, yet listening to the album in succession still works. MS MR has announced a new album dropping May 14. Until then, you can find several other tracks around YouTube. One of those being my favorite, “Salty Sweet,” a much more upbeat and severely addicting chant-like teaser that showcases just why MS MR is going to be a hit.

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