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‘Real Students of Peoria’ begins filming on campus (please note, this article is satirical)

Students may notice an increase in camera crews and makeup artists around campus as Bravo begins shooting its newest reality show “Real Students of Peoria.” The show is to be the first of the college town spinoffs that the network hopes will take off like “Shahs of Sunset,” “It’s a Brad Brad World” and of course the numerous “Real Housewives” series.

Senior business major Anna Stinger is one of the students being profiled on the show.

“I guess I just decided to do it because, like, people are pretty obsessed with me already,” Stinger said. “I may as well make it easier for them and be on TV. Maybe then people will like, stay out of my business on Facebook.”

While some have accused the stars of being narcissists, the featured students are quick to point the finger at their costars.

Holly Wood, senior theater performance major, explained that her involvement was purely motivated by revenge.

“Anna stole my friend with benefits at a frat party freshman year and she’s been copying me ever since,” Wood said. “I’m just doing this so everyone can see what a massive brat she is. Why else would I be on TV?”

With the stage already set for drama, the show is probably going to be an overnight ratings hit in typical Bravo fashion. The cast features Bradley students from several classes and majors engaging in activities at popular Bradley locations.

“There are a few dramatic scenes that take place at Late Night BU,” Stinger said. “People can expect to see a lot of plotting over lunch at Williams and shopping sprees at PODS.”

The administration has been split on the show’s arrival. Some feel it will portray a negative image, while other’s feel it will shed positive light on student life.

“Any publicity is good publicity,” University President Joanne Glasser said. “After all, life on the Hilltop is the best, and once a Brave, always a Brave. Plus, everyone knows Bradley girls rock.”

Men’s Basketball Coach Geno Ford is less keen on the idea.

“Obviously it’s a terrible idea,” Ford said. “This is actually the worst possible thing to bring to the university. Kent State tried to do it and they almost burned the stadium down during a game when two of the ladies got in a fight over one of the players and flipped a table onto an open flame. I’m still having nightmares about it, honestly.”

Some people are confused about the location choice of the show.

“When I heard about it I just wondered what the hell is wrong with these people, I don’t even know where Peoria is,” cameraman Jake Overton said. “Now that I’m here, I still don’t get it.”

Showrunner Dora Explorar is an alumnae of Bradley and grew up in Peoria.

“I chose this place because nothing has ever been done here,” Explorar said. “Bravo wanted something fresh and new so… I just figured why not. I hate my job anyway.”

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