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Rihannas Revolution: Fenty Beauty

After two years of being in the works, Rihanna expanded her creativity beyond music by launching her very own cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. Not only does her brand boast being cruelty-free, but its also all-inclusive, with shades to fit anyones appearance.

As a makeup fanatic myself, I was ecstatic about this release, because unlike other celebrities who have released their own makeup lines in recent years (*ahem* Kylie Jenner and Kim K), Rihanna seems to have created a unique line of quality products for all types of makeup users.

The Fenty Beauty line prides itself on complexion-based makeup products, as well as incredible tools to apply them with. Rihannas mission statement on the website states that Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures, and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. Thats the real reason I made this line.

As a white woman, I havent had any trouble finding my shade in face products, but I feel Fentys offering of 40 (!!) different shades of foundation is a benefit for people with all skin colors. I can find a more accurate pigment for myself, and people with darker and very light complexions have more options than ever before. In this way, Rihannas beauty line is revolutionary.

Despite not including men in her mission statement, ironically, makeup gurus such as Jeffree Starr gave Rihannas products rave reviews. In his YouTube review of Fenty, Starr said the foundation blends out beautifully, and the Full-Bodied Foundation Brush Rihanna offers helps apply it even quicker than a beauty blending sponge.

Additionally, the Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush from the line is perfect for applying Fentys Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter shades, like the incredibly popular, golden shade Trophy Wife. In just one swipe, Starr had a dramatic, pigmented glow that was practically blinding.

Clearly, the products Fenty offers are high-quality, and Rihanna has a whole section on the Fenty website dedicated to multi-use products. Yes, that means for your eyes, cheeks, lips or wherever else your heart desires.

However, Fenty products are on the pricier side since the line is high-end. As a picky makeup-user, I am willing to pay for superior, long-lasting products, especially when reviewers think the bang is worth your buck. The only reason people may complain about Fenty is its lack of eye and lip products. In fact, theres only one universal lip-gloss offered by the beauty line.

Needless to say, I am excited to try these products out for myself (once I save up a bit) and see what all the hype is about. If youre interested in achieving a look of healthy, glowy skin, Fenty is the cosmetics line for you. Check out Sephora and your shade will surely be available, thanks to Rihannas aim to diversify the beauty industry.

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